RVing in Inyo National Forest

A national forest that stretches across 2 million acres of rich flora and fauna, Inyo National Forest is popularly known for its trails, azure blue skies and sky-high mountains. The various recreational options in the forest are hiking, backpacking, fishing, swimming and water-camping.

35cd7-rving-in-inyo-national-parkAccording to the USDA, two guidelines to be aware of while RVing in Inyo National Forest are

“If you encounter Marijuana cultivations, make sure to make as little noise as possible and move off the site, as people guarding the cannabis cultivations are dangerously armed.

To prevent bear attack, do not litter your food”.

Four Best Places to go RVing in Inyo National Forest

RVing in Inyo National Forest

  • Inyo Craters: Stretching across 25 miles, these craters are a string of scenic volcanic eruptions with Panum Crater as its highest.
  • Mount Whitney: Located in the Southern district of Mount Whitney Ranger district, Mount Whitney is the topmost point in the contiguous America.
  • John Muir Trail: Starting at Mount Whitney, Jon Muir Trail ends at the Yosemite National Park.
  • Bristlecone Pine Forests: Termed historically as World’s first Mountains, these ancient trees are situated on top of the White Mountains.
  • Little Lakes Valley: One of the popular trail for hikers and backpackers, Little Lakes is renowned for its lakes that are carved out of glaciers.

USDA also provides permits for RVers camping overnight in John Muir, Ansel Adams, Golden Trout and Hoover. Take care to avoid camping with a group of more than 15, when in the wilderness.

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