RVing in Norway: Lofoten – Traveling Robert

RVing in Norway: Lofoten – Traveling Robert
Special thanks to Petteri Vähäkangas and Savonia Caravan https://www.savoniacaravan.fi/ We explore the Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten and its striking …

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  • Wonderful Robert! I didn't see where you explained did you rent an RV or were you sponsored. I was trying to look through your videos where you explain. I would like to RV Europe as well and am trying to learn. So beautiful!!!!! Happy for you!

  • What amazes me is how all the houses and buildings are RIGHT next to the roads! I wonder if they get hit a lot. And those narrow roads! I guess there aren't many flat places. And no guard rails! White knuckling it! Stunningly beautiful.

  • Fine video Robert! Loved the drone footage at the beach, and your time lapse. I've got a lot to learn from you with how you shoot your footage. Working on my first time lapse now. Not as easy as it looks. Loving this trip!

  • I have just watched your trip to Oslo, via Finland to North Cape and Lofoten. It`s a shame that you visited North Norway this June, the worst in decades, weatherwise, that is. I enjoyed your videos. Greetings from Ivar

  • 0:30
    While it's technically correct that it is on the western coast of Norway in the sense that it's a coast and it's to the west we don't use the term here in Norway for that area.
    Here in Norway the west coast is areas roughly southwest of Trondheim and northwest of the southern most point of Norway.
    Basically the western part of the "bulge" to the south.
    Everything else we'd say northwestern or some such as those areas are further east then the actual western coast but they're further northwest.
    (Usually we'd just use the name of the region though, Finnmarkskysten (the Finnmark coast) or Nordlandskysten (the Nordlands coast) basically the coast of whatever the name of the region is.

    Thanks =)
    Personally I feel we got too much forest though 😛
    (I got family on Iceland and the Faero islands and I've lived in some of the most forested areas in Norway so I've kind of had an overdose on trees)

    No, unfortunatly it's not…
    That said, people who are not living there might still use some of the houses as vacation houses.

    I'm impressed by your "Æ", it's very close to how we pronounce it. =)
    You pronounce our "Å" as an "A" instead of the sound it is supposed to have but your "Æ" is pretty much spot on. =)

    Fishing vessels from all over Norway used to come up there to fish off the northern coast of Norway in ships perhaps 25-30% longer then your RV (I might be wrong, not easy to eyeball lengths just based on a video) all the way south from Bergen and up.

    When I was in "folk high school" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folk_high_school) I sailed from Trondheim to essentially that Museum in a traditional fishing vessel from 1800 or so then we sailed one of their viking ship replicas.
    Unfortunatly there was no wind that day so we had to stick to just oars instead of testing their new oil covered sails (I don't remember the details of what the deal was with that sail, it was stinking at any rate, but they had apparently been hoping to test a theory with us but didn't get a chance to do so…)

    Man, that almost looks like your standard rural road on Iceland.
    There's a lot of those on Iceland, there's quite a few in Norway too but you don't see them as much due to them mostly going to individual farms, houses, logging camps etc quite some distance from the villages and because there's usually forest in the way hiding them.

    You pronounced "Haukland" as "Hakland" the "au" sound is pronounced differently in Norway (you seem to have a lot more silent letters in English then we do)

    Yeah, that is a really good looking place even by Norwegian standards. =)
    Makes me want to go there. ^^

    I think I remember that stretch of road…
    Someone gave us a ride between the viking ship museum and where our boat was towed up. (not sure if that's the correct english word)

    Oh, you do know how to pronounce "Å" =)

    That's two out of three.
    Only the "Ø" left to work out.

    Remember when approaching Norway you filmed a Sami flag and said you where getting close to Norway because you saw a "Norwegian" flag?
    Well, here is the real Norwegian flag. 😉
    The Sami one is different and got a circle in it instead of a cross like the Norwegian one does.
    Both flags have both Red and Blue in them but the Sami one also got some Yellow and Green while the Norwegian one also got some White..

    I do hope you'll return as Norway got a lot to offer and I think you'll enjoy it if you have the time to do so. ^^
    It's a bit of a luck thing too though as the part of the coast where the bad weather hits differs each year.
    One year they all hit to the south, another they all hit to the north, a third one they all hit in the middle etc…

  • Tell us what you think of their food! Anything that stands out compared to American? Thought the water out of faucet only! I drink a lot of water…would be hard to find a faucet while driving! Do they put fluoride in their water?