RVing in The Shadow of Mount Rushmore at Horse Thief Lake

When RV Geeks went RVing in The Shadow of the nation’s favorite four presidents, it was definitely legendary 😀 

“While Mount Rushmore is the most well-known attraction in the Black Hills of South Dakota, there are lots of great things to see and do here”- RV Geeks.

Check out this recording of the RV TRIP TIP Crew in Mount Rushmore, Custer and Black Hills of South Dakota. 

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Ideally, this is how RVing in the Shadows of the three great presidents of the nation feels like:


This is a view of the Horse Thief Lake. It has 36 different campsites and has many activities like rafting and endless sight-seeing. 😀


Some places to see while RVing around Mount Rushmore are:

  • Custer State Park
    Mount Rushmore
  • Sylvan Lake
  • Needles Highway
    Needles Eye Tunnel

Have you gone to RVing to Mount Rushmore? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

  • Our first travels into South Dakota, driving across the state this past spring, including visits to the Black Hills and Badlands greatly exceeded our expectations.

  • My husband Was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2015 His bucket list was to go cross country with the RV and one of the states we went through was South Dakota by far we seen more there than any of the other states and stayed longer it is a memory I will never forget so I say thank you South Dakota