RVing Into History At Colonial Williamsburg

According to RVing and Travels,

“Colonial Williamsburg is a living-museum that takes place in the old historic section of downtown Williamsburg. The 300 acre area is made up of original and restored buildings and tries to recreate what life would be like around the late 1700s. There are also people throughout the park that are dressed for the period providing tours of the buildings, live skill demonstrations (i.e. brick and wig making) and acting out large historical events (live programs) that took place in Williamsburg at the time”.

Jim Smith who went on an RV Tour to Colonial Williamsburg says,

“Colonial Williamsburg is a great stop – a step back in time, to a very important transitional period in our countrys history”

A horse-drawn carriage in Colonial Williamsburg 

A revolutionary War Cannon at Colonial Williamsburg

A Blacksmith at work

Governor’s Palace
Colonial Williamsburg Governors Palace Front Dscn7232.jpg

Capitol Building
File:Colonial Williamsburg Capitol 2.jpg

Court House
Williamsburg Virginia Court House.jpg

Historical Dramas in and around the Museum- Thomas Jefferson Enactment

Here, take a look at an elaborate video from Mark Koep from Campground Views on RVing Into History at Colonial Williamsburg

To view more videos from Campground Views, click here.

Have you gone RVing in Colonial Williamsburg? Tell us all about your RVing in the comments below. 😀





  1. I love the photos and the idea of a RV trip to Wiliamsburg, but I was hoping that your article had info about where to stay in the RV? How close, shuttle service, restaurants, near by towns, shopping, etc
    Thank you

  2. One of the best places to camp is Newport News park for adults. If you need swimming pools and big playground then use Williamsburg. BUT check out the park and save

  3. Anvil camp ground is the best I have found. We have stayed there a few times and it’s great and close to everything williamsbur has to do. There bathrooms are so clean and staff is willing to help you with what ever they can.. the pool is small but so is the park and it’s a one of a kind . Please see for your self you won’t be sorry.


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