RV’ing Is The Only Way To Travel With Kids!!

RV’ing Is The Only Way To Travel With Kids!!
OMGsh, I could never NOT travel in an RV. Everything is at your fingertips and it’s OH SO comfy!! http://www.kelloggshow.com …

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  • I love everything about you taking your family on the road but no seatbelts? If you hit something or something ran into you there would be carnage. Please think about safety.

  • I excited for my parents to get their rv, it's a trailer rv though but still, we might get the vehicle attached one that's in the video

  • AWESOME! We upgraded to a model with slideouts after a year of RV traveling and it is a game changer for sure! I keep saying my kids are gaining some awesome 'sea legs' by living this way!

  • we have 4 kids and my wife's younger brother usually comes along…. we have a class c that sleeps 9… and love it!!!! so much better than the van and hotel rooms. believe it or….it's cheaper too.
    not to mention it build great memories for the kids. great!!!!!

  • All women should know how do drive their rigs if they travel in them all the time. Awesome job momma. You go girl! Thanks for showing the rest of us how much fun life can be πŸ™‚

  • Do babies and toddlers not have to sit in a seat? I need one of these next month for our trip to the beach πŸ˜€ we stop like a million times to nurse, pee, pee, nurse, pee, nurse….lol