RVing Journal: Where to go in North America

There are so many places around North America to see. Here are a few places to add to your RVing bucket list.

a8a9b-rving-bucket-listNorth America RVing

Listed here are four of the best places you can start with your RV and begin fulfilling your bucket list:

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States

Cape Cod

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canda

Niagara Falls

Walt Disney World, Florida, United States

Walt Disney

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada


There you go! Update your bucket list and start making memories. Besides, it’s the experience that truly matters the most.

What else do you have on your RVing Bucket List?

  • I need information on Yellowstone and where to stay. If it is good to stay in small town rather than park itself