What To Do When RVing In Lake Manatee, Florida


A highly sought after camping area, Lake Manatee is located on the State Road 64. From camping, to canoeing, and to entertaining treasure hunt named geocaching or geo seeking, there are many options exclusive and unique to Lake Manatee.

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Check our three top activities to do when RVing in Lake Manatee, Florida

  • Visit the Lake Manatee State Park

The State park stretches across 556 acres on the shore of Lake Manatee, which is 2,400-acre long! The park also has 60 camping sites, which even has exclusive water camping options. Pets are allowed, however, reservations must be done a year prior to arrival!

  • Go for Fishing, boating and Water Sports, on Lake Manatee

RVing in Lake Manatee


With a wide variety of machine boats as well as fishes like catfish, speckled perch, bluegill, sunshine bass and largemouth in the 2,400 acres of Lake Manatee, it is truly rich with land and water life.

  • Biking and Hiking through Pine Flatwoods

Lake Manatee State Park offers a fun, family friendly biking experience along our 2.5 mile paved interior road that winds you through Pine Flatwoods, down to the shore of beautiful Lake Manatee, through our day use area nestled in Sand Pine Scrub and finally winds lazily through our 2 campground loops. This is a smooth and pleasant ride. There are also 2.34 miles available of off road cycling for the more adventurous of heart with a variety of terrain. Here you can check out the wildlife, enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the lake, wind through different habitat, see the wildflowers in bloom, observe the restorative results of prescribed fire and step back in time for a glimpse of what Real Florida is all about!

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The perfect destination for RVers who love outdoor recreation, Lake Manatee also offers exclusive pavillions, picnic areas and fishing zones for Campers. When RVing in Lake Manatee, make sure to visit all the above destinations to make the most out of your trip! If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxed RVing trip, Lake Manatee is a perfect itinerary for you!

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