RVing Maintenance: Keeping the screens clean


Photo:  www.motorhome.com

RVing will make you experience different weather on the road which will cause your trailer look dirty and messy, especially on the screens Keeping it clean is very important as you don’t want to be traveling with a grimy vehicle and a dusty screen, right?

Here are some helpful tips in order to provide your RV the sleek look it deserves:

Tip #1: To clean window blinds, put an old tube sock on your hand, and then spray itcleaning2 with an all-purpose cleaner. Just rub the blinds with your hand to clean on both sides!

Tip #2: Clean RV window screens with and without water.

Tip #3: Choose a good detergent for your screens and pop up canvas.

Photo: www.sportsintherough.com

With the 3 tips presented you will sure make it a habit to maintain your RV screen as clean and as polished just the way you want it.

Photo: www.generalrv.com