RVing through another SNOWSTORM & WALMART saves the day!

RVing through another SNOWSTORM & WALMART saves the day!
The RV road trip continues and we are trying to outrun a winter storm in New Mexico. The snow makes for some very intense motorhome driving. Do you want …

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  • Thanks for watching our video. Let's take a second to fill in the blanks that you can not see in the video. We are from Alaska and have plenty of experience driving PROPERLY EQUIPPED vehicles in some of the worst winter weather you could imagine. In this case we were not in a properly equipped vehicle. In this video we were driving our 2wd 1999 32' class A motorhome with highway tires and towing a 3500# trailer. As many of you know coming to a stop facing up hill on a snow covered road with that vehicle would not work out well so we pulled off. We are now traveling in a new to us 4×4 expedition RV and snowy weather is not an issue. https://youtu.be/X4122cf3NA4

  • Nice video, we have a 5th wheel and we have travelled from Nova Scotia (our home) to Texas through the northern states mountainous terrain and snow accumulation and although we are used to snow covered roads it's nice to find an exit to park it and calm the nerves. Happy trails guys.

  • I did this at midnight in a snow storm December 2018 after Christmas. Yes pins and needles so I stopped at a rest stop but the road was covering fast and cars and trucks were everywhere side of road,rest stop etc. 12.30 am I made a run for lower elevation at 15 mph behind a fed ex truck for over a hour following the tracks in the road. If this truck went over a mountain pass I would be right behind him. LOL Thank you lord I am alive as I did want to see some snow on the way back to Texas. I saw it with 40 miles per hour winds and heavy snow tired with 15 more hours to drive.

  • How did people who tense up over every snowflake survive Alaska? You are. Welcome to join me in northeastern Pennsylvania sometime. You were in crunchy high and dry snow. I get wet and poorly plowed here.

  • nothing like a worry wort wife yapping about the roads! get in the back and knit a doily or something hahhahha j/k'ing..glad you are safe though! Probably good that you got off that army base place what with the whole alien thing n all hahahah….

  • I see she travels like me in iffy road conditions! Wd like to see you relax on the couch..make dinner…watch a movie..go into Walmart…settle in for the night…

  • Here's an idea, try watching a weather report before starting a trip. Carry a weather radio with you and turn it on. This is the 2nd video I've watched where the so called rv'er was surprised by bad wrather. Poor planning on the part of rv'ers.