RVing with Dogs – How to Groom a Pomeranian – The Glamping Guys – RV Living Full Time – RV Life/Pets

RVing with Dogs – How to Groom a Pomeranian – The Glamping Guys – RV Living Full Time – RV Life/Pets
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  • I just fell in love with Ziggy all over again! He LOVES his groomer so much! The look in his eyes when he was doing tricks and being held by Candice was pure happiness! Thanks for adding a smile to my day! (Yes, I do watch SNL and my kids, 20 & 22, bring up Sweddy Balls sometimes. We giggle every time we watch it!)

  • That was excellent. It's obvious that Ziggy is very obedient and likes to get groomed. There are so many dogs that don't. I have Chow Chows and a grooming visit is a major undertaking, lol. Candice appears to be a real gem. If I lived in O, I'd be visiting her too.

  • Ziggy is soooo handsome and quite the well behaved gentleman. Jason, your editing is amazing. What software are you using or is it a trade secret??? If so, I understand. I have never seen any channel like this one. Just amazing!! Much love to you, Tod and of course Master Ziggy. <3

  • You guys are so lucky to have Candice, and Ziggy you look so HANDSOME, or as my niece says, Scrum-dittle-E-umptious, lol. I took my poor Yorkie to every groomer in our area, he was cut 2 times without them even telling me, once he had razor burn on his man parts that got infected, 2 times he got fleas, and another time he was cut and got and infection from it. Keep in thought that I treat the groomers very well since I treasure my dogs and I appreciate what they do and I tip very well, yet I still have NOT been to a good one since our favorite one moved to Florida. Keep in thought that I have 2 other dogs that are breeds that do NOT need haircuts so I give them all baths about every 3 to 4 weeks, unless they get dirty before that then they get baths sooner. So now I have gotten on YouTube and basically been teaching myself to give my Yorkie a haircut, OK so it has really been tantamount to a parent putting a bowl on their kids' head and giving them a bowl cut (Oh Poor Archy-Ball Newton, lol), But I am getting better over the months, plus we live in Minnesota where my Yorkie has to wear sweaters about 6 months out of the year because of the colder weather so that hide my mistakes well, lol.

  • Wow everyone needs a dog groomer like her and Ziggy is just the cutest little thing ever and Love's the camera. Have you guys ever put him in any dog show cause he would win best of show? Thanks for a wonderful video I really enjoyed watching Ziggy's little show . Catt.🐈 Texas,