Safe RV Drinking Water — Acuva Update & Giveaway!

Safe RV Drinking Water — Acuva Update & Giveaway!
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  1. Great video. I had no doubt it would make the water safe to drink, but how does it do with taste and odor. My wife drinks a TON of water, and she refuses to drink from our tanks because of taste and odor. A great example is the sulfur taste and smell we find in many place in Florida. Or the extremely hard water we find in places like Colorado. I’m strongly considering putting one of these in our rig so Any input would be great. Thanks!

  2. How frequently does the non-UV filter portion need changed out? I.E. The one that removes sediment, chlorine, etc. Does it remove heavy metals? Oh! And can the system be winterized without damage with RV antifreeze?

  3. Hi guys, Great vid! Does Acuva have an instant-hot version? Do you have a tour vid of your motorhome here? And have you seen the Tow Tower? Lifts front wheels of toad off the ground. No dolly. Thx!

  4. Intriguing video, but it left me asking more questions than it answered. 1) what is the drinking water standard for collaform bacteria? Did you test the water for any other contaminates? e.g. lead, giardia, eColi? Why/why not?

  5. I am curious – at about the 2:30 mark, when the faucet is turned on, it looks like water starts flowing before the blue indicator light comes on (when the lever is at 45 degree angle). Is that "pre-flow" also getting the UV treatment?

  6. I can't afford to buy one if these. But we really need one badly. Our water has so much rust in it where we live that it comes out in chunks. We have to buy bottles of water which we also can not afford. So I really hope I win this. It would be the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  7. In 1970 & 71 I traveled western North America (Mexico to Yukon Territories) living in my 1965 VW factory camper. I was 21 years old and spent a year and a half with a goal of swimming in a different lake everyday as a means of acclimating myself after returning from Vietnam. I frequently drank water from rivers and streams that weren't downstream of populated areas. I got almost all my water as such and not once did I have any issues or illnesses. Might have been different times but I think improvements were made after the Clean Water Act in 1972 so hard to tell what differences there may have been.

  8. I would have liked to seen the water quality difference from your RVs water holding tank versus the acuva. Seems to me a better mousetrap would be design a large acuva to completely replace the sink faucet making all the water UV treated. Having contracted giardia once, I know I'd pay more money for that upgrade.


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