Sealing a RV TPO Roof – Dicor

Sealing a RV TPO Roof – Dicor
In this informative RV how to video, presented by Dicor, Mark Polk with RV Education 101 …

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  • I have to replace the roof on my 2003 Rockwood  trailer that has a flat roof and is covered with TPO . Can I Replace it with EPDM or must I use TPO ????

  • According to the Maxxair literature I received with my fan, it states to not use any petroleum distillates on the plastic parts of the fan which includes the flanges. The "Ultra Sealant Primer" contains Tolulene which is a petroleum product. It states in the fan literature not to use Acetone, Tolulene etc. Can you advise on this situation. I have to install a Maxxair in my rv and it has a TPO roof without the fabric backing.