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  • This is awesome!!! Reminds me of my hike in Zion a number of years back…now i have to be mindful of how steep or high i go d/t my knees..but this is a wonderful video…made me nervous when you got separated at the end. i love your bloopers…Tom's nervous laugh cracks me up. If you ever decide to fly and take a trip to Puerto Rico, there is a giant opening on the side of a mountain…it's called Window Cave (in Spanish: Cueva Ventana) . Much easier to get to than this:-) The view of the valley below is incredible. Plenty of videos of it on youtube:-)

  • Guys, you are brave. I'd be afraid of wild animals, snakes, breaking something or tripping and falling face down into some cactus, ouch. But you made it and shared it with us. Thanks Tom and Cheri. Great video, 👍 and be careful out there.

  • Do you guys have/use headlamps for when you start to run out of daylight on long hikes?
    Great drone shots, BTW–I don't think I could operate one. When I was with my ex, many, many moons ago, we used to fly model airplanes. I always had trouble getting it back; being able to tell after a certain distance which way it was heading, and I'd have to hand off the controller! LOL

  • That is an amazing view!! I was thinking of taking a trip out there next year but now I know we will have to wait until our kids are grown. I didn't know about the thorn bushes. It's on my bucket list for later for sure, too beautiful not to see. 🙂

  • Looks beautiful, we were there a couple of years ago but didn't get to hike. Someday we'll go back but for now we'll live vicariously through you guys. Thanks for sharing your adventure! 🌄🏔️🏞️

  • I must say I was pretty bummed when you didn't make it up into the cave, although you made it quite a bit farther then I would ever be able to do. Thanks for letting me tag along. Stay safe!

  • Awesome guys! I really enjoyed one of your best videos ever with my morning coffee! Hope to see more adventures like that one! Happy you are safe !

  • This was a great video. Y’all keep growing my bucket list. Lol Thanks for sharing and glad to see you are both having a great time. Look forward to seeing y’all on the road sometime.

  • Thanks for taking us along. Getting a little lost is part of the adventure😂. I have a question. With the size of RV you have do you ever have a problem getting into spots at state or national parks?

  • look at this beautiful view…. and im not just talking about Cheri… very nicely said, i giggled instantly. but aint that the truth/ be safe hope to see you in my travels this year.

  • Robber's Roost is a beautiful place also. An old robber's hideout and Shaman's center of a vortex of energy. Beautiful views abound of course. Take the truck, the Prius wouldn't like the dirt and rock road.

    Also have you guys ever heard about or thought of Geocaching? There is a cache just down from the cave opening. Just download the free app to get started.

    Cave info:
    Geocaching info:

  • My favorite Sedona "hike" is "driving" up the airport road to the overlook! 

    Now knowing you were raised in Sedona, I can see why you enjoy staying there.  I bet it is much more congested with people and traffic now.  So are you a Sun Devil, Wildcat or Lumberjack fan?

  • So nice to see you guys in Sedona. We are in Flagstaff Arizona.
    We love our grand design solitude 3740bh.

    We are full time Rving.
    So, seeing you guys so close to us is pretty sweet.

    Have fun and enjoy your time