See Beautiful England by RV


Many people in America dream of taking a vacation to England. Between the culture of London and the beautiful rolling hills out in the countryside, there is plenty to see and do when you arrive in the United Kingdom. Of course, since England is an ocean away, most people don’t think of seeing this nation in an RV. However, while your own personal RV won’t be able to make the trip, you could choose to rent an RV to explore the history and beauty of England for yourself.

An RV Vacation in England Just Might Be Possible
An RV Vacation in England Just Might Be Possible

There are many options for RV rentals in England, from small rigs suitable for just a couple of people, on up to larger RV’s that are great for a family of five. Obviously, the cost will vary depending on the size of the rig you wish to rent, as well as the number of miles you intend to drive. Before you go, work with a UK-based rental company to determine if you have the proper driver’s license for operating an RV in England. You don’t want to get all the way across the Atlantic only to learn you can’t drive an RV legally, so be sure to look into this matter thoroughly ahead of time.


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Planning a Route

When travelling in a foreign country, it is even more important to have a route planned out than it is here at home. Settle on a route for your trip and make reservations along the way to avoid getting stuck with nowhere to stay. Even through there won’t be a language barrier when traveling to England, you will still be out of your ‘comfort zone’ being so far from home. Planning out as many details as possible in advance will give you the best chance at an enjoyable trip.


The good news for RV travelers in England is that the country is quite small, at least when compared to U.S. states. For example, England is only slightly more than 50,000 square miles in total. By comparison, the state of California is more than 163,000 square miles – more than three times larger. Therefore, if you are hoping to see much of England in a single RV trip, you won’t have an enormous amount of territory to cover. Driving from Portsmouth, which is on the southern coast, all the way to Newcastle-upon-Tyne near the northern border, is less than a six hour drive. If you are used to American RV road trips, getting from one place to another in England will seem like an incredibly short trip.


Take It Slow

If you are going to go through all of the effort – and expense – to get to England for an RV trip, try to plan enough time so that you don’t have to rush from one destination to the next. While everything might be relatively close together, you still want to have time to simply relax and enjoy your vacation. Be sure to plan a couple of days where nothing specific is on the agenda in order to appreciate the English scenery and recover from your tiring journey.

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