Seven Boneheaded RVing Mistakes Made

Take a look at some of these mistakes made by RVers… In this video I share some of my newbie RVing mistakes I made hoping to help others avoid them when they are starting out. We all make mistakes RVing.
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Fulltime RVing A few beginning mistakes and life at an RV park.Coming from mostly boondocking, I had a few things to learn about being hooked up without filling my water tank, etc.

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Do you have any tips for NEW RVers? Let us know in the comments below.

  • I always leave the water regulator attached to the hose.
    I also leave the Y attached to the water regulator and hose.
    I have left a Y at the campground.
    I keep the fresh water hose in one compartment and the sewer flush hose in another compartment.
    My first trailer had 3 dump valves.
    The current trailer has only 2.
    I generally close the valves, but have left the cover dangling…
    Keep the trailer closed to keep campfire smoke out, too. No carpet! Roll vinyl flooring throughout-
    I always leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open when the trailer is stored.
    I have a travel trailer and a tonneau cover on the truck bed.
    The original fuse for the tongue jack on my trailer was a 30A 250VAC slow blow fuse. I could not find this fuse anywhere- no parts house- no internet source- so I called the jack manufacturer and they sent me 3 of the correct fuse at no charge. That is good customer service/exceeding the customer’s expectations. I would have gladly bought the fuses.

  • I always screw the two ends of my fresh water hose together with the Y & regulator. No worry about contamination.

    • And no water dripping inside the storage compartment. Also don’t have to worry about little “critters” crawling inside the hose if they get into your storage compartment.

  • I use 2 shorter RV water hoses with the regulator in the middle, that way I wont forget it when I disconnect the hose.

  • I ALWAYS turn the water off when we’re going to be gone for any length of time. You only need to come back to ‘water’ running out the door because the toilet valve stuck and filled your black tank and now it’s running all over.

  • Unless you have that shutoff valve glued to the end of your discharge pipe, the black shutoff that you display during “Bonehead Mistake # 3” you stand the risk of that shutoff vibrating loose as you travel down the roadway. Then you have another bonehead move….. dangerous objects bouncing down the roadway for someone else to strike. I enjoyed your video which points out some of the mistakes we have all lived and learned with.

  • Looks like a nice park with that field right there, my concern is how close the neighbors are. Also with the Ants, everyplace they can climb, around wheel wells and the stabilizing jacks, any place they can get on to climb up, they have pet friendly stuff.

  • Good info for the newbie RVer. I have posted many tips and tricks and you nailed the basics,, The simple things are the 1st to be over looked. On 5th wheels, the biggest thing thats forgotten is chock your wheels before unhitching, and lower your tail gate..

  • When raining, lower the awning a little, to keep the water from bellying the awning. I have had awning collapse from holding water.