Simple Tips for Restoring an Old RV

There are a number of great reasons to restore an old RV. Maybe you have owned the same rig for decades and wish to keep using it for years to come. Or, perhaps you are looking to get a great deal on a used RV that you can restore to bring back its former glory. Regardless of your motivation, restoring an RV can be an exciting (and challenging) process. When all is said and done, you should be left with a rig that you will be proud to call your own.

Choose a Direction

One of the first decisions you need to make when preparing to restore an RV is whether you want to bring back the original feel, or update the RV to represent a more-modern look. Either way is totally acceptable, so you need to pick the path that best fits your style. Of course, it will be easier to find materials and finishes that represent a modern style, but you might find it to be a fun challenge to track down vintage items.

Restoring an Old RV Can Be an Exciting Challenge
Restoring an Old RV Can Be an Exciting Challenge

Create a Master To-Do List

Even an old RV is likely to have plenty of parts that are in good working order. Take the necessary time to work through the RV and make a list of everything that you want to replace or refurbish. This list will give you a great idea of the scope of the work – as well as the amount of money that will be required for the project. Once you have your list completed, try to assign each task a specific amount of time that it will take to complete. Add up your estimated times so you can have a clear picture of how many hours you will need to invest.

Do Your Homework

Want to add a microwave to an old RV to bring it into the 21st century? You better check the rating on your breaker panel to make sure it can handle the power that the microwave requires. The same goes for putting in a new refrigerator. It can be expensive to assume that your new appliances and other items will simply work in the old RV without any other modifications, so do your homework up front before making purchases.

Use Professional Help When Needed

Perhaps the best advice that you can receive related to refurbishing an RV is to ask for professional help when necessary. If you don’t know anything about electrical wiring, it would be a bad idea to work on that part of the job yourself. Spending the money to hire a professional contractor for bits and pieces of the work as necessary will be well worth it. Being too proud (or too cheap) to ask for help is a great way to end up with a finished product that falls short of your expectations.

Make no mistake, refurbishing an RV can be a difficult and time consuming job. However, if you have a passion for this kind of work, you may find that it quickly turns in to a labor of love. Whether you are buying a used RV to refurbish or you already own an old family rig, take your time to prepare for the project thoroughly before getting started. Good luck!