Simple Trick for Filling your Freshwater tank when Boondocking – Tips from Tom

Simple Trick for Filling your Freshwater tank when Boondocking – Tips from Tom
If your off grid for a while and you need more water this is what we do to add more water to our tank without moving the rig. Here is the Pump we bought …

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  • Remember the days we ALL drank water from ANY garden hose… Apparently you can't do that anymore or you will die… Thanks for the great idea! I think I am going to install a second simple 12V RV water pump and do it that way…

  • This is bad advice. That drill pump has grease inside it and naturally that grease ends up in your fresh water tank. You shouldn’t be drinking tap water in any case, but doing this will make your water even more toxic to drink, as well as grease in your showers and dishwashing.

  • hi just have a question i have 3 water intakes 2 of which ik what they do 1 is for city 2 is fresh water but the 3rd im not to sure all it says is water intake only dose anoyne knoow if thats just a second water tank or something

  • I used this exact drill pump and tested it before I hooked it up to the RV. Glad I did because it shot grease all over the place!! Don’t use it!! You will put grease into your water system. Turns out my RV water pump will suck water out of a bottle. Didn’t know that but it was a setting called ‘Contry fill’ on the valve body.

  • What a damn slick idea, saves from getting all wet and lifting those water jugs, seems to get heavier every year, so would you recommend using the white water hose, on both ends, and no would not use the tank water for drinking,,never have, I am not that savy so to speak for wiring up water pumps etc on the inside, so this would work perfectly,,,,thank you ,,

  • just make sure the drill pump is portable water rated. (type of plastic, grease/oil inside. etc) if not you maybe, might, possibly get sick from a contaminated water supply.
    it is a great thought. but as another said have the portable waters "containers" higher than your input, (if possible) less strain on the drill and pump.

  • Aw c'mon ! You tech/power guys !!!
    Hang the jug above the fill port and use a short bit of scrap hose to siphon liquid from the jug into the tank filler. rc

  • Nice video, I have a 5th wheel as you do but my water tank fill is a pressure hose attachment with a spring pressure check valve, and the drill pump will allow me to fill my tank now, thanks for the idea.

  • love your videos! Another great way to fill your tank is to Simply use your onboard water pump and pull water in through your antifreeze Port. Works great you just have to turn a valve to direct the water into your tank rather than your house water lines. Works excellent give it a try.

  • Your battery might last longer if you were to set the plastic jugs on the tail gate of the pickup. Then the drill pump would not have to lift the water as high. Of course you could set the jugs on the roof of the pick up and let the water gravity feed into the tank.