Six Tips to Cook Cowboy Recipes

Popularly known as the trail-side cooking, Cowboy Recipes are quick and fun to fix. If you have been confused about how to cook Cowboy Recipes, here are all the tips that you need to get started ASAP. You can cook Cowboy Style Recipes in your Dutch oven if you have aced how to cook perfectly in a dutch oven!

Tim Farmer on Tips to Cook Cowboy Recipes

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Here are some Tips from Alessandra Bulow on How to Cook Cowboy Style Perfectly

  • Start a Big Fire. “Just don’t use lighter fluid–that’s cheating. Start out with a Cowboy Cooking Cauldron or build a homemade pit using bricks.
  • Get a Big Stick “We’re talking Gandalf here. You’re going to need a 5-foot-long wrought iron tool.
  • . Don’t Touch Your Meat “Francis Mallman from Argentina is the world’s uber authority on live fire cooking and he has two main tenets. One, there should be something burnt on your plate, always. Two, don’t flip stuff.
  • Be Intuitive You will instinctively know how hot the fire is, when the food looks, sounds, and smells like it has finished cooking, and how far away to sit from the flame so you aren’t affected by the smoke or heat. If food catches on fire, just blow it out.
  • You will ruin the food on your first and second attempts, but the third time will be perfect. “To get some practice with live fire cooking, I like to tell people to start by trying to make cornbread.

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Tips on Cowboy Cooking From Cowboy Cooking Experts- Chuckwagon

  • Wreck pan:
    The pan in which cowboys placed their dirty dishes following a meal.

  • Squirrel can:
    The large can in which cowboys scraped the food scraps before placing them in the wreck pan.

  • Coffee recipe:
    A hand full of coffee for every cup of water.

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These tips will help you ace cowboy cooking as cowboy style of cooking is impossible without learning. It is easy and you can cook things from dessert to steak, all in one big pot!



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