Sold House, Bought RV, Capitol State Park in Washington | Solo Woman RVer

Sold House, Bought RV, Capitol State Park in Washington | Solo Woman RVer
I finally got the courage to pursue my dream of RVing around the nation as a solo woman RVer AND RVing full time. I sold the house, bought the RV, and head …

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  • Please head on over to my blog where I share more about my travels, links to overnight parking/camping areas, costs for each area I stay in, update on my quest completion, and more on starting your own business, saving, finances, manifesting your dreams, and living a life you truly love. Create. Do. Live!

  • Hi! Great video. I’m considering this lifestyle change myself. I’ve actually imagined it for a while. I hope Lily is doing well! If you need an awesome place to board her, contact me. I’m just north of Seattle and can come pick her up if needed at no extra cost $50 per 24 hours. I’m a total animal lover πŸ˜‰ Email me at

  • The first Story Chasing video I came upon was dated in mid-2018. The difference in your demeanor, appearance, spirit, etc. is just amazing. I am in the thinking stages…and I am 74, but you are inspiring me. IΒ΄m not willing to just hang around my old house and wait for the grim reaper. Never too late . . . until its too late.

  • Just found your channel! I’m off like you soon, so doing lots of research. Curious what job you do remotely? I suspect once I binge watch all your videos I’ll find out too. Good luck!

  • πŸ‘Hello hello, I just watched your video on the tour of your new beautiful Hymer Aktiv RV so I’m watching your other videos. So happy for you. This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey. Wishing you the best. πŸ€—πŸ’žπŸ€—

  • HI Story Chasing I just found your channel tonight so I'm going to be binge watching for sure. I love your sign "LIVE A GREAT STORY"
    I've just sold my bed and breakfast in France where I have been living my dream here for the last 10years. It settles in September, then I will return to Australia for a few months to spend time with family before my next dream adventure starts. My US road trip! I have been researching RVs for the past year and in recent months have decided a Class B or B+ would be the best for me as a single female for my year long (at least) trip. I can only afford a used one and something up to 30k and must have a bathroom. But I see they are pretty hard to find. I watch a few dealers on YT but not living in the US I'm kind of searching blind. Any ideas where else to look?
    Have you ever met any other Aussies on the road? I haven't been able to find any online to reach out and find out how they go about the insurance, drivers LICENCE etc. Live for the moment and enjoy

  • I just found your channel as well. I have an RV (1990) that is being repaired by my brother. I hope to start travelling Jan 2019. Want to go to the RTR in Quartsite. LOVE that you are a solo woman doing this.

  • So glad I found your story! Look so forward to following your adventures! I'm fixing up a 22 ft Winnie Cheiftan now, so fun. Can't wait to plan some trips and then do r v retirement and travel. Yeah! Go! Enjoy!

  • My house goes up for sale in 7 days!! Just me and my dog.. I love your camper! Just what I am looking for too!
    I am using the equity in my house to buy it and live for a while but then I have no idea how I'm going to support myself. What kind of work so you do ?
    My last campers name was Lizzy! Had to sell her to save my house…. Boy did I do that backwards! Never again!
    Just found your channel last night, love it and subscribed!!
    Safe travels!

  • You’re in my state now. I just bought a class c last week. I’m excited to finally get out there traveling. As for solo drivers lll be looking for a travel group to hopefully join depending I find someone. Im currently taking small trips here in Wa. To be come more confident in driving my rig. Happy trails to you…

  • Sounds like you bought a Class C, is it easy to drive? I’m living in the U. District Seattle, and thinking about getting a Class B Motorhome.

    How many miles are you planning to travel daily? Thanks, glad dog is ok…

  • So much fun. Just found your channel. Hope you found out what your dog is allergic too. Had one dog that was so allergic to bees, pollen ect. I had emergency children's benadryl on hand that I would give her. Very excited to see where life takes you. After my son is older I hope to do the same.

  • Congratulations on your decision to go full time. Like your rig … very nice…. I have been on the road 3 years now and I started out in a 26 footer…. I have since downsized into a class B, however I still tow a 6×12 box trailer with my β€œessentials” kayak, scooter, bike and tools…. love my toys! I love this life and I know you will too…. look forward to watching and hearing your story…. subscribing today! If you are inclined look me up! Saw from other comments that you braved the 2018 RTR, I was there also…. how did you like it? It was a lot of fun!

  • Just found your channel and am catching up. I retire from teaching in three years and plan to full time (as a single woman) so I look forward to your travels. πŸ˜€

  • I just bought my RV as well. It happened within 2 months being sick in bed with flu the cough. I am thinking about selling my home too. I have 27 year old twins that are Special Needs. I wanted to ask you what you did with your furniture etc.? Did you sell it or store it? Looks like lots of fun!!

  • Just found your channel and catching up on all your videos. Beautiful RV! I have a Winnebago 19ft trailer. Semi-retired, so keeping my house and will go on extended trips. Planning to travel from my home in Tampa, FL to the RTR in AZ in the fall 2018-2019. See you on the road.