Solo Woman Joyfully living in a Class C

Solo Woman Joyfully living in a Class C
We need to throw out all our old ideas about how little women can do–they have no limits! Meet Barbara who is proof positive that age and gender don’t have to …

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  • A couple of comments, I'm in the Phoenix area, the days of people leaving the state in the summer are mostly over. We don't get the Canadian Snowbirds and those from the US Midwest who come in Oct and leave in April either. People are much ore tied to their homes. Why can't you buy a resident pass in New Mexico, don't you spend as much or more time in NM? You have your gar receipts, rent for campground stay receipts and I can tell you the vehicle registration is much lower in NM than AZ

  • Women can do pretty much anything a man can do. I'm kind of blown away by people who don't know that. Most women may not be as strong as most men, so might need help here and there if something was too heavy, but even men need help with things that are too heavy. You could even use levers and pulleys if you were really 100% all alone with no one around. Or build steps or a ladder if you're too short to reach something. Other than that, women don't have a competency problem. If women don't do things it's because they don't want to, or they've been told all their life that they can't and they believe it.

  • Barbara is my Favorite host, and she is the reason I just told several family members that I'm going to sell everything I have including my T-Bird to buy an RV or Van to travel with all of you full timers. I live North of Sacramento, CA and have enough SSI to live well plus I'll save on Rent, PG&E, etc.
    May Lord God bless you all. See you soon. Hugs, Linda

  • Try this link for Long Term Visitor Areas on BLM lands:

    Here's a map of the areas with a link at the bottom to download it as a pdf.

    I live in NM and wasn't aware that the annual state park camping permit is only $100 for residents . Happily, I'm going full-time in the next few months!

  • The lady is beautiful with so much life. The motor home is one of the best, love the kitchen in the back. Great all around. Thanks you both.
    Safe travels

  • I am going to join the solo RV'ing women come October 2019! I have to wrap up my life as I know it to begin my new life on my own, living in an RV. I'm quiet excited. Thanks for giving a peek into your life. It helps me to see what others are doing so that I can make a more informed decision.

  • She is my hero… She said every thing I think… I am grateful to have found this video, after the 150+ i've watched RE: boondocking/full-time RV living… thank you!