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Backpacking Camping Cooking Recipes Idea Spam Mac And Cheese Spam Wednesday’s


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  • Italian scottish pasta lol with a dash of jamaica spice. Cool video. I'm literally going to have this for my tea tonight!!!! I am!!! Do think i would get away with using Italian English pasta?? I am a new subscriber. But yes plz on Spam wednesday.

  • Hey Stu whats on the menu SpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpam you just keep doing what you do. Its great to have a little spot like your beach just to get out and chill keep the vid's coming

  • I like to fry my spam until it has a nice crunchy outside using the original spam. Keeping cooking and sharing the Scottish country side with us. I surprised I haven't seen in haggis in the videos I've seen. I had my first haggis and butter sandwich in 1975 in a little caravan at the end of Holy Loch up near Orchard.

  • You can't please everyone so don't worry about that. Bottom line is that you enjoy doing them and that's all the reason you need to keep at it. Clearly there are people who enjoy it as well!