Staying at an RV park for the first time

Staying at an RV park for the first time
I had a day of firsts in setting up camp in an RV park for the first time. I give you a look around and a peek at my rig at bedtime.

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  1. Hate to admit it but that was actually one of the newer phone booth models before they became extinct. I remember using the older wooden models that had the nickel, dime, quarter coin drops at the top of the phone.
    What a good memory jog. Thanks

  2. OMG 😭 I remember my first time and it was horrible. I had a travel trailer. Thankfully, someone was nice enough from the RV park to help me out. I will probably never tow again if I can help it! A lot of work on the set up YIKES! 🛠🚐

    Thanks for sharing your experience 🙋 always learning something new!

  3. Beautiful little park. I was curious what the rates were and no where on their website do they list prices but they are selling the park. It's rated average are 4.4 stars. Only 30amp hook ups and someone said slow internet. Lots of other cool things to do from other comments. Nobody mentioned prices.

  4. Livin The Life, I want to do this. Currently looking for my home for the road. Videos like yours are really helping me to make some right decisions about Life on the road. Subscribed, waiting for notifications, liked.

  5. It is bad Karma to eat the flesh of animals. They do you no harm. They want to live. Awake Children of Light! Be no longer in disguise. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and show the world your pure heart. Peace be with you.

  6. will never forget your video on how you were able to retire, it is also my story, 1) state pension 2)deferred comp 3) paid for house and overall just being debt free. Now I just have to find a sweet RV that doesn't break the bank. I am looking into possibilities the class b situation seems the simplest. No towing, and no wasted space.


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