Staying Safe as a Solo RVer

Staying Safe as a Solo RVer
Five years on the road, zero incidents. This is what I tell other women is the most important thing for staying safe. More from IO on RVing safety: …

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  • Yea you are right! If you just think and use common sense you will be ok. I have been a full timer in my small travel trailer in Denmark for 1 year and 6 month. And I have had no problems at all. Thank you for a great video my friend. Safe travels.

  • Thanks Becky! Good advice. I really enjoy your vids and blogs. Love your positive approach. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to some of the drama queens on other vids. subscribed

  • Great advice. Another point I add is I avoid states/cities that only allow criminals to carry weapons. Those are your highest violent crime & murder areas in general. Do NOT make the silly mistake of thinking that mace will stop an attacker.

  • Sometimes the simplest answers are the best. You are so right. Oh wait…you’re a writer, allow me to help you cringe a bit. Your sew right!! Ha. I would also add, trust your gut. Thanks for the videos I’m enjoying going through them

  • very helpful! Im working towrds gettng a fifth heel and truck and ill be on the road too! This helps with some of the concerns I have. been considering a dog

  • Big hassle carrying a gun going state to state!
    However, there is an official publication, Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States (updated every year).
    With that said, a gun won't help much if you don't use common sense and stay aware!
    I agree with you on that!

  • At the end of next month I will have the means to buy a small Class A (24ft), B, C, travel trailer or truck camper (making a decision isn't easy).
    Your videos are calming my nervousness about going full time. Thank you so much for your awesome, informative videos.
    God bless.