Surge Protector: Is it really necessary for your RV?



Top 3RV Destination (2)For full time RVers, these outlets should always come in handy. Because they are very, very important to have.

f4454-surge-protectorBut it is not just an outlet; it is called the “surge protector”. In rational, it is “an appliance/device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. It attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold”, says Mr. Wikipedia. This alone protects your laptop and other electronic devices around the house.


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The question again: Is it really necessary? Yes, it is seriously necessary to have one, especially for your RV. So, do we just buy an outlet that looks like the one on the picture? No.

Watch this helpful video:


What a surge protector can do for your RV?
* Prolonged High low voltage protection.


* Open neutral protection.

* AC frequency protection.

* 220 Volt protection in case you plug your RV into 220 Volts by accident.

There is one article that will also guide every RVers about these Surge Protectors. Plus, here’s a video on how to install an surge protector on your RV.

Now that we know how important this surge protector is, when is the most appropriate time to use one? The answer is: ALL THE TIME.

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  1. Let me debunk a lot of myths. Electrical grids are regulated, no prolonged High voltage protection needed, doesn’t happen.
    Very very rare to have open neutral.
    AC frequency doesn’t vary from power company
    Your plug will not fit in a 220 Volt outlet by accident.

    1. John,

      You are correct in your comments, but the Surge Protector is more for low voltage or power issues with open grounds that are found in some (many) older campgrounds. Many older campgrounds were never intended for the volume of campers, the 50 amp service or the heavy 30 amp draw of modern campers. And many of the newer electronic items we have like PC’s are susceptible to voltage variations. These are the things the RV power protector units safe guard you from.

  2. Our first trip.was to First Landing State Park in VA Beach. I kept having issues with my cell phone not charging when I plugged it in to any outlet in the rv. I then would plug it into the truck charger and it would charge normally. Looking back I now see that the surge protector would have helped due to the low voltage that was coming through the outlet at the site.

  3. Thankfully we have always used a high quality surge protector in our 2 years of rv’ing. It has saved our electrical system 5-10 times. We winter in FL as well as travel cross country. We never knew what happened, but we’re very thankful it was protecting us, especially during the night. We had a couple of instances that woke us up when our C-Pap machines went out. Every RV should have one…too much $$ invested to not have one!

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