How to survive #VanLife during the winter and cold weather – this video is coming to you from Arctic Alaska. We’re sharing some of the lessons we’ve learnt and …

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  • What I have done for sleeping is create a kind of small tent over my upper body using a blanket. That way the air inside heats up a little from my breathing. I don't try to completely trap it of course since that would mean no fresh air getting in. The "tent" is usually about 2 to 3 feet high above me. And I of course still use a warm blanket inside the tent area and usually an extra blanket for my lower body. I've actually gotten some really good sleep this way. Not only is the temperature comfortable but the tent helps cut out external noise from traffic or what have you.

  • I travelled during winter as well, even if it was in a moderately mild climate. It still got pretty cold though, especially overnight, and we had huge issues with condensation. We always had the windows open overnight and we tried wiping them down in the morning, but even then, the windows usually remained very cloudy. The only thing that seemed to help was strong ventilation, so we ended up driving with all windows down for, like, half an hour every time after getting started.
    It was flipping cold, especially on the highway.

  • Yes what a great idea to soak your body with antibacterial soaps containing loads of chemicals like for example Triclosan, that will give you cancer, liver and hormonal damage

  • I opted for the blanket layers too, for the same reason. Very effective. I also got 3 robes of increasing sizes placed inside each other, and even in the dead of winter, it was warm moving around like that in 3 layers of robes plus a pair of sweatpants/pjs and hockey socks I think they're called. Everything I have of these things is some kind of fluffy too (including pj pants but not the socks), if that matters – it certainly could be staticy. I was hoping for an insulation benefit similar to foam and snow, and it is quite soft and comfy. It kept me warm or overly warm and never less, once I had the system down. I only used my heater when I didn't want to change into PJs for whatever reason or my robes were in the laundry pile and I had to move around. (Useful as non-tempermental feat exposing blankies in summer) My only complaint was my face getting cold… do U think that face masks would be useful? I debated for a while but never got around to trying that one.

    Thanks for sharing! Got some nifty ideas, very appreciated. πŸ™‚ And love Ur van, it's gorgeous if I bit more tropical in nature. Exotic beauty, yea? πŸ˜†

  • I'm building a 4×4 Sprinter for an around the world trip. I don't use propane for anything. I use a Wall as diesel store which doubles as a heater with thermostatic control. The diesel is dry heat . I use a Webasto diesel water heater and Rattitan heat exchanger to not only heat water, but to circulate coolant under the floors to heat my feet and heat the water tanks to prevent freezing. The van has an extra diesel tank for a total of 62 gallons.

  • Being from where there is a night time that happens in the usual way to being in an area that doesn’t have one I’d like to know how wired it feels to you. I mean maybe psychologically as well as perceptually. You said it was only good from the solar panel point of view. I’d like to experience this at least once in my life but until I can do that I’m going to rely on how you experience it.

  • Sooo clearly all b.s. and for entertainment only. No way you are "living" in a van most certainly not in alaska and absolutely not in winter up north so that's nonsense. I promise if you ran outside naked in the artic cold your skin would be severely burned in seconds. No river bathing either thats just stupid…idiot's

  • Absolute nutters. Alaska with no insulation?!?!! LOl! So, go to the hot places in the world during the summer, and Alaska for the winter hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! "Important to have lots of clothes to keep warm….." hahahahahahahaha!!! You two are obviously mentally ill, in a good way of course. πŸ™‚ Keep us laughing. πŸ˜€

  • We started vanlife three weeks ago, it is january and we are currently in Scotland. Maybe a bit late as a tip, but we use sheepskin rugs on the floor. This helps a lot to keep our feet warm, since the cold mainly comes up thru the floor.

  • few things.. get her the damn blanket. set up a patreon or something so people can donate even a dollar from every few people adds up. oh and put a few bucks into that van. invest in it. get it insulated, get an electric blanket, and get the damn blanket she wants. silly goose… or post your venmo name so people like me can donate a few bucks.

    keep up the videos and the smiles. god speed !

  • This video is kind of funny. Its got to be what, july/Aug.. MAYBE Sept when you were in Alaska? The trees are still green, no snow and its daylight out that means its not fall and its definitely not winter. I guess if you're in Chile then Alaska seems cold, I get it. However, I wish you would of filmed during negative temps because you definitely wouldn't be showering in that water.