10 Special Tips For Retirees Planning To RV

According to Rebecca Fairley Raney, an RV Lifestyle is a metaphor for retirement. At first, being a Retiree can be scary, but in the long run, you will realize that being an RVer is that special road that everyone dreams of taking!

Here are our ten special tips that Retirees should cross-check before RVing: 

  1. Choosing the right vehicle is the first step to the perfect RV lifestyle for a Retiree.
  2. Research Insurance for the RV and your own health!
  3. Discuss all the emergency services and medications you might need with your doctor beforehand.
  4. Take a print document your medical history in your RV
  5. Get a Locksmith to manually inspect the locks of your RV
  6. Chart all the RV dumps in your proposed routes beforehand.
  7. Have an itinerary, rough or fair, always at hand!
  8. Have a thorough estimate your finances on the road.
  9. Get a proper RV Toolbox 
  10. Test it!

As RVers are a special community of people who love to share their stories, its challenges and exclusive solutions, researching an RV lifestyle is truly fun!

Here is the proof- a video from the RV Veteran Retirees, Barb and Dave about their RV lifestyle:

Given that the major populous of RVers are retirees, it is truly the tailored metaphor for Retirement!


  • Not a very good list in my humble opinion.
    Mail forwarding, domicile, banking, getting used to the R BEFORE you leave and a whole host of other things spring to mind before “Mapping out dump facilities”!
    We started our full time retirement adventure.

    • A lot of Retirees make big plans on RV Traveling and they buy a big RV and hit the road for the first time. The problems start when they fine that everything is not as easy as they thought. They have to fine a campground, They have park it, Level it, Hook all the utilities up. all this can be made easy with experience. I have meet several people who are first timers and are ready to give it up. No one should just retire and jump into RVing. You should make several trips preferable with a RVER to see what it is like. It is a great life style. Traveling by car and staying in Motels and eating out all the time can be very expensive. Not so with an RV.

      • ” Traveling by car and staying in Motels and eating out all the time can be very expensive. Not so with an RV.”

        The purchase price and the energy needed to run one are expensive. We’ve been RVing for 10 years and our experience shows that RVing will never be a money saver.

        • I always tell people that an RV is a relatively inexpensive way to travel, but I would never buy an RV to save money!!

  • You don’t need a locksmith to inspect the locks… you need a locksmith to change the locks to something no one else has.

    On the other hand, if you do that and lock yourself out, your fellow RV’ers won’t be able to open your rig for you.

    Fact is, there are only a few different keys used in the RV industry, and in any given RV park, there is sure to be someone that has the same keys as you do (especially a CH751).

  • We have been RVing for several years , for the past 5 mostly ful time.. We we many people that buy rigs that are far to large for them to handle or they are way under trucked . We are class rv’s and it’s scary to see the physical condition of some operators , not to mention all the stuff they carry to over weight their units . Folks it’s meant to simplify your life and relax not add more stress …plan your route , know your stops and your skills and limits for all our Safety …Earl 🇨🇦

  • first an foremost learn how to drive, tun and back up your rv then learn how everything on your rv works before hitting the road!!!!!

  • Another tip…before you buy, especially a travel trailer, be sure you’re capable of getting down on all 4s to put jack supports and slide-out jacks in place. If you’ve got bad knees, or a bad back, forget it.

  • Maintenance is not mentioned but should be; ie. have a trusted, reliable and conscientious mechanic with integrity that services your rig with quality synthetics so that your operation and maintenance expenses and down-time will be as minimal as possible without lining his pockets first.