The Art of Boondocking & Free Camping ✌🚐 RV Living & Van Life

The Art of Boondocking & Free Camping ✌🚐 RV Living & Van Life
Whether you do Full Time RV Living or Van Life, boondocking can be a huge money saver & epic experience. We’ve been enjoying free camping for over two …

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  1. First time posting on your channel i been enjoying your video. You mentioned in this video about the web site you can out on Free camp but didn't put them down that I can see can you please list them here so I can get them. Thanks in advance and safe travels

  2. No need to apologize, you guys did GREAT! A number of great tips, apps, and web sites. Just waiting out the cold in NE Wisconsin so we can hook up and head out.

  3. Great video and presentation!! I think y’all did a great job in front of the group and provided tons of great information!! I will definitely check out the different resources that y’all spoke on. Thanks!!!

  4. You two missed your calling. You were awesome. It’s always easier to speak on a subject you are familiar with and you’re experts at what you spoke about.

  5. I learned everything I know about boondocking from you guys! My husband, my dog, and I have been on the road for 4 months, and if all goes as planned, we will only spend $59 on camping fees for all of January, and that includes no mooch-docking, and we will have moved at least 5 times. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great presentation! I've been a subscribing for awhile now so I was familiar with a lot of the info. covered here from your other videos. But it was nice to hear the info. again in one complete presentation. One of these days I hope to put it to good use when I can get out on the road. And I'm sure the people there appreciated your experiences and information, too.

  7. Great talk! Love that the guys from Harvest Hosts were there! They have done so much for the RV Community! Great org! Were any of the Campendium folks there? Love them, too!

  8. Nice Job folks… It was great meeting you today and I look forward to talking with you tomorrow!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone!!! It's great to meet down home folks on the road !!! Enjoy the Journey!!!


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