The Bio-Geo Method of RV Black Tank Maintenance.. Environmentally friendly

The Bio-Geo Method of RV Black Tank Maintenance.. Environmentally friendly
In this instructional video I present a modification to the Geo method of maintaining your RV’s black tank. I call it the Bio-Geo method and it is much more …

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TR Bowlin

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    – Super valuable info. I Thank you kindly sir! Question about the internal tank sprayer: I have one too and was told by the 5th wheel manufacturer to not run the sprayer with the gate valve closed because it can can build up pressure in the tank and blow something. What are your thoughts on that?

  • Thank you for so much info! Truly helpful, but I'm still a bit unclear to the actual steps. Do I have this correct?

    While you're holding you use just borax (or OxyClean), adding when smells start. But that's ALL while holding.

    To clean, while traveling, you ADD the detergent to the Borax.

    When dumping, you fill (1/4 tank or so )and dump, fill and dump, etc. until clear.

    Then you're back to holding, which is just 1/2 cup of the borax.

    Do I have that right?

    Thank you!

  • Best video I've seen on the subject. You covered the "shitty" topic like a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you. By the way, what would you think about putting Boraxo and detergent in the tank right AFTER you flush it out, to start the ball rolling early?

  • Man I wish I saw this before I sent my trailer for a black water tank repair at Camping World I could have done this myself and save the money….I will camping next week, so I will out this to good use…Thanks TR for a great lesson and video…all these years camping in my trailer I was doing it wrong but not anymore

  • This is the first video on YouTube that I have found someone that is as twisted as myself on cleaning my RV Blk tank. Very informative and keep up the good work. Peace brother!

  • Hello Mr. Bowlin, I am using a port-o-potti type of portable toilet which has a fresh water tank and a dirty water tank.
    I only use the toilet to pee at night and at times where going into the bushes or other toilet facilities are not around.
    After a day of 4, I notice the water mixed with the urine starts to stink, not very bad nut it still does. The dirty tank can be closed of but has to be opened when I need to pee on it.
    I thought about using water from a pond (which has the nitrifying bacteria which should covert the ammonia and urea into odourless nitrites and nitrates. But onfortunately it does not.
    Do you have any ideas what I am maybe doeing wrong or can hand me a method to keep the "dirty water" in check odour wise.?
    Regards, Sander.

  • The drawback is ,your killing the bacteria that break down the waste. When you dump into the station, if they have a septic system, like most rural parks, your killing the benifitials in there system with your chemical sterilizer mix.

  • Thanks for sharing this! We bought a preowned Class A in great shape except for the mild but annoying tank odor. One application of your bio geo method to both tanks eliminated the odor, and as an added bonus, the gray tank sensor the previous owner couldn't get to work, is now working – saving me time and money. We'll certainly continue to use this method going forward. Thanks again!

  • Hi TR! Great video. I've been binge watching flushing tanks and your is the first I've seen where you actually SHOW us flushing! Thank you. I have learned a lot and will continue watching your videos. You are now at 372 subscribers! Congrats!

  • Thanks for the great info. Really makes sense. I have fulltimed for 3 yrs using the blue stuff. Never been very satisfied. So you talked about water softeners. Does the Borax act as a water softener or the dawn? Thanks again!

  • Wondering if your method/chemistry would work on what's commonly called a pyramid? The tank has been abused by others for about 11 years. I just inherited the problem.

  • Thank you for this wonderful video, big help for a newbie to the 5th wheel world however there's something that I'm just not clear on, how do you know how long to leave the water on for? What I mean is you let your hose run for 5 minutes, how do I know how long to leave mine on? Is 5 minutes the standard?

  • Great video. Being only two processes for breaking down bio-solids, effluent if you will are mechanically or biologically and you did a fine job in your description. Being retired from environmental engineering for many years I really appreciated your video. Key word many are not familiar with are anaerobic, (An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism that does not require oxygen for growth. It may react negatively or even die if oxygen is present. An anaerobic organism may be uni-cellular or multi-cellular). Yes glad you mentioned peroxide as well. Congrats Mr. Bowlin. One fine video for many to have a much better understanding. Thanks. Sam