THE BOMB Corn Fritter Pancakes on a Campfire! | 28 Day Fire Challenge | Food & Fire

THE BOMB Corn Fritter Pancakes on a Campfire! | 28 Day Fire Challenge | Food & Fire
DAY 26 28 Day Fire Challenge Hey guys! A new recipe idea here for a twist on traditional pancakes! Thanks to Mike, a subscriber, for the idea here that I …

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Girl in the Woods

  • Nice video as always. I usually add 2 or 3 types of grains to pancake mix to increase fibre content and make it more healthy. A few frozen blueberries or strawberries improves the taste……best pancakes in town at my house πŸ™‚

  • Hey Brooke good video I enjoyed it thanks again and maybe you can make omelette with cheese with ham with bacon and corned beef hash make a nice little sandwich on all that good stuff in there together and I think that would be a good one there try that one out

  • I think it's going to be hard to collect maple sap this year in Central Wis., it just won't stop snowing. That will be my job and then cook it down on the weekend with my son, and grandson. Beer, Sheepshead and Maple syrup cooking…..coming up in the not to distant future. Nothing beats home made maple syrup.

  • For years my Dad would get syrup from Bub Visser in Vermont. You see, I can’t go back to the fake crappy stuff. I need the real thing, and yes, I prefer the dark rich caramelized syrup. I’m going to have to stop and get a spoonful since I’m talking about it.

  • My wife always fixes fried corn dodgers/pancakes when we have beans, collard greens, turnip greens, etc.–nothing like laying one of these on your plate and pouring beans on top…..

  • I am glad you tried out the Skillet Corn Bread. Instead of putting in cream corn, try adding a lot of finely chopped onions and make onion patties. Taste like onion rings but easier to make.

  • Well, at least I see you taking winter seriously. Then again you do live in AK. How do you do it, I can't get a fire going without at least 1 cup of kerosene and 2 quarts of used motor oil.

  • Saw this at breakfast time. I’m skipping breakfasts as part of a fasting program. So you’re killing me. Gonna make these for lunch sometime with my grandson, Noah. He’s four. He has a brand new little sister named…Maisy! So glad your videos are kid friendly, too.

  • Brooke. Thanks I've gained 15 pounds getting hungry watching you having fun cooking Ur yummy meals outside. I know U getting happy in the woods.
    I do enjoy all your videos especially your spirit.
    Please keep em commin.

  • Thanks, Brooke for the interesting videos. Mazie is a sweet, pretty Collie. You are a joy to watch and your enthusiasm for life is refreshing. It is a blessing to hear you thank the Lord for life's blessings. Corn fritters is one of my favorites.

  • Great idea. I love cream style corn. I eat it heated over bread somtimes like an open face sandwich but this idea takes it to a new level! Love your videos. And… GOD bless!