The Dark Side of RV Life with a Dog

The Dark Side of RV Life with a Dog
For those who enjoy watching Darth Vader destroy my Class C RV motor home… Just some thoughts on the Dark Side of RV living with a dog. It was time for a …

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  • We aren't full timing yet for another 3-4 years but we are soon to be increasing our time in the Truck Camper, traveling with Charlie our 22 pound cat. We deal with Litter box and the fun associated with that. Remember, he's a very big cat that likes to eat, poop, and pee. He also likes to throw in, or should I say throw up, some puke to the mix. Sadly, there have been a couple of peeings on the bed which we think were statements to say, hey, where's the room service for food or cleaning the litter box. Fortunately, he doesn't mess with human food, the sink, or anything on the counters. He gets brushed regularly to keep the hair down. We have vinyl flooring with carpet runners so cleaning is fast and easy plus we can toss away and get new carpet runners if called for. We all love our little furry friends and we do what we must to cater to their needs because they won't cater to ours. I do have a Charlie's Tour video showing how he lives in the camper if you want to check that out on my splash page. Take care and give Sammie a pet for me.

  • hair is non stop with. some breeds you may be lucky and have one that just shed seasonally,,, my German shorthairs have very tiny hairs but they shut them year round and each one has a Barb on the end like a porcupine quill so they stick into things and are hard to remove even with a vacuum or sticky tape. ( I'm enjoying seeing all of my fellow YouTube Van dwellers and RVs getting pets and now having to deal with the hair situation too πŸ™‚ it makes me feel much better about all the hair I see on myself in my own videos lol

  • oh and another big one it might not apply to you but it does too many people living in RVs or vans…… stealth becomes non-existent unless you have one of those dogs that are one in a million and NEVER bark……. it's really hard to pretend that you're not in your van and it's empty when you have a dog inside that's going to park every time the cops knock………………. but on that same token if criminals come around they are much more likely to break into your neighbor because of that same parking so there's always pluses and minuses………………………………… another big thing for Van dwellers and RVs would be Trailer Park and Campground many of them have limitations on how big a dog you can have and many of them also charge additional fees for having a pet…. and they all require proof of rabies vaccination so people with pets who travel with them should keep that paper work on them just in case they ever need it

  • I have Two Dogs and a Cat you are so right about the Dog and Cat hair it just gets everywhere. You will have to brush Sammie everyday and of course outside.You can buy additives for your dog to reduce the amount of Hair loss .Hope this will help?

  • That little shot of the millennium falcon cruising across the sky (in the background), right after your intro, was a "sweet" little touch Andrew! Wander Dano saves his cats hair in a plastic bag-you can almost make a fur coat with the stuff he's accumulated lol! I also loved how the MGM lion was replaced by Sammie's mug at the end of the video…nicely done! Cheers man

  • Suggestions – Furminator for hair on dog. Shark vacuum for hair everywhere else. Seat covers and sink covers for counter and sink surfers, or say "NO" if you see them doing it. I raise my bottle of Chimay blue label ale to you, courtesy of 3 long months in Belgium and Holland. It could be worse it that's your only problems. Try owning K9 breeds retired – ordinance and pot sniffers or protection trained Schutzhund – that could be a problem .
    The pups cute, smile be happy you got a friend. One or two bad habits work on it. Try real problems 80lb. Schutzhund stones crusher (not the rolling variant) for a problem to solve.
    Buy a jug of Chimay and relax, breathe deeply. Someday you may need to do a weave outta all of that free hair.

  • Had a working dog with me 40 plus hours a week for over 17 years. Cleaned the car almost every day because it can get out of control quickly. After awhile, I didn't know who's farts smelled better. There are few thing better than a man & his dog! SlΓ‘inte

  • It's been year in a truck camper with my dog. I brush daily and run him daily. You need to get out all the energy before pretty much doing anything like leaving him, training or taking him to a new places. If he's toy drivin just as much as treats then take advantage of that asap.

  • I liked this vid, especially because we are going to drive our 1989 Fiat Ducato through Europe with our little border collie Indy along for the ride. Good advise about the sort of food!!! Now I only need to find good food for my husband too, because he can be like a smell bomb sometimes!

  • we are about to take the plunge and fulltime rv. We are still mentally trying to iron out a few details. How do you go on short day trips? Do you take the dogs? We plan to park locally because my husband still works fulltime.