The Frugal Way of RVing

RVing does not need to be all that expensive and luxurious. You may have started out with a lot of cash, but of course money will not last if you will keep on spending it. So, why not start living a frugal RVing lifestyle? Check out this video from Jamison Haponenko for some tips:


Frugal RVing

You can always roll and save. You just have to be smart in living a cheaper life on the road without sacrificing the quality of your traveling experience.

  • My 95 yr old mom has Alzeheimers. When she passes, I’m going to get a small RV and live the RV lifestyle for several years. I’ve had 2 RV’s in past. I’m a divorced lady, 67, artist. Can you recommend if trailer, or small RV pulling a car would be better, and which ones could you suggest? On fixed income. Thanks!