The RV – A Retired Couples’ Secret Weapon

The opportunity to finally step away from the day-to-day grind of working life is something that most people dream of for years. However, when the day arrives to call it a career, some people aren’t exactly sure what to do with themselves. Without the structure of going to work for eight hours a day Monday – Friday, it is common for people to feel bored and a little bit lost.

Traveling in an RV Can Be Perfect for a Retired Couple
Traveling in an RV Can Be Perfect for a Retired Couple

An RV can be the perfect solution to those feelings. With an RV, you and your spouse will feel free to explore the country without having to worry about taking time off work. RV travel is more affordable than staying in hotels or taking flights, so you won’t feel as restricted by your budget as you might otherwise. If you and your spouse find yourselves retired with an RV waiting in the driveway, a long list of destinations that you have been waiting to see will become your main focus.

Travel in Comfort

Moving your stuff in and out of hotels as you travel around the country simply isn’t very enjoyable – especially as you age. Cross that chore off of your list when you travel in an RV. Of course owning an RV comes with its own set of minor chores, but most of those are easy to complete and they become second nature after some time spent as an RV owner. You can also add personal touches to your RV to make it feel more like home, which is something you couldn’t accomplish in a hotel room.

Winter Home

Have you ever dreamed of owning a second home that you could visit in the cold winter months? You will suddenly have just such a home when you own an RV. Instead of taking on another mortgage, simply pack up the RV and head south for a few months while waiting out the snowy season in the north. There are plenty of RV parks in great warm weather destinations like Southern California or Florida which welcome long-term guests.

Bring the Family

If you have children and grandchildren that you would like to spend time with, an RV is a great way to bring everyone together. Either have them travel with you in the RV, or meet them at a destination where they can tent camp while you stay in the RV. Trips where you can get together with your whole family are likely to be remembered forever, so don’t overlook the possibility of planning at least one of these great occasions.

The retired life should be all about freedom, and traveling in an RV will give you a great sense of that freedom that you deserve. There are countless potential destinations available to you when traveling by RV, and you can take those trips for less than you would spend when traveling by other means. Combine the freedom that the RV lifestyle offers with the chance to spend time with your family, and it is easy to see why so many retired people love owning an RV.


  1. My wife and I are planning on going full time Rving starting in early 2017. Lots to think about before then, but this is the goal. Love to read more about full time rving.

  2. Want to do this in future my wife ride motorcycles and I drive but we stuck between getting a class b or class c this would be are first time doing it

    • Just my opinion Start with a C, I pull both full baggers and we love it, Naxt will be an A but the expense sky rockets along with the maintenance. Try to find a used one from the 80s or 90s they have low mileage and easy to work on yourself.

  3. Christopher, We own a class c unit 31 1/2 and the freedom of space on the long slow haul is definitely worth it to us. You can also tow the cycles behind for those short day trips when your unit is at the camp. Try renting a few different units to see what you will like. They can be pricy these days. Happy retirement on the open road.

  4. Christopher, after three years in a 30 ft with skide, I recommend you go as big as you can afford. Class B awfully cramped. Most fulltimers need a bit of personnal space.

  5. My husband and I downsized to a Class C for easier traveling. However, we do miss our recliner and couch when we are relaxing. Our motorhome has a built-in dinette which, of course, serves as an extra bed on the rare occasion we have our grandchildren with us. We have considered replacing the dinette with 2 small recliners or replacing the front seats with captain’s chairs that swivel completely around to face the living area. Any advice from Class C owners?

    • We have a 38 foot class a gas and we took the booth dinette out and replaced it with a table which we pushed against the wall and added to comfortable chairs to sit and eat or work on the computer. We got the table to fit longways where the booth used to be. It is bigger and gives you more room. We also removed the W/D combo and made a pantry with an electric strip and we have our coffee maker and ice maker in there to keep from using up counter space. Also we removed the shower doors and replaced them with a shower curtain to be able to move around in the shower. You can come up with all kinds of ideas once you start living in one. Also go to a lot of RV shows it gives you ideas of what you can do for you coach! See you down the road!

    • Tow a car behind your RV. A car can get to places that may be difficult for your RV. Tow adaptor installed on your car plus tow bar on your RV may cost total of about $1800 but you’ll regret it if you dont tow a vehicle. Oh by the way make sure you can truely put you car in total neutral especially 4 wheel drive vehicles

    • Either rent a car at each stop, which is pricey. Or. Give in and tow your own car. Nothing beats being able to go where and when you want.

  6. We have an older Class A, and 15years ago today, we took off on our Route 66 trip. Chicago to Calif the up coast to Washington and back across Dakota’s to PA…45 days on the road! What a fun trip… It’s great to be retired and not have to plan where to stay and how long..we just wing it……..Enjoy retirement everyone!

  7. We have a 5th wheel 36 footer, we pull our motorcycle behind it, plus gives us a truck to drive around in and leave the trailer parked

  8. My wife and I have been full timers for 2 years and have a blast. I highly recommend this lifestyle since it gives us a huge amount of freedom. Love my grandkids but don’t won’t to be a full time babysitter. We homebase in Texas and start our trips from there. Texas has a lot of advantages tax wise and it is also warm most of the year. Don’t have any real estate to worry about and our expenses are rather small. I am finding that women are the big RV pushers and the like the fun of travel. To make sure this is what you want their is a wealth of books and articles about full time rving. Hope you have fun and maybe we will be visiting in some RV park in the near future.