THE ULTIMATE Breakfast Camping Recipe | Eggs, Cabbage, Bacon… in a Cast Iron Skillet!

THE ULTIMATE Breakfast Camping Recipe | Eggs, Cabbage, Bacon… in a Cast Iron Skillet!
Curious Karli Website! My no fridge, no ice diet finds me making some unusual meals like cabbage and eggs. I love being experimental …

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  • I just saw Brian's Video and thought I'd check your channel out… I do kinda admire the simple way you do your vanlife.
    You mentioned having a camp host position.. If You don't mind me asking Are you doing that solo or are you partnered with someone?

  • Since I'm not sure if you've already seen/know about it, I didn't go back to find the specific video; … but wanted to mention a few months ago the YT'er 'Elsa Rhea' did a video about how her food storage (she doesn't use refrigeration either) which included how she uses an 'evaporation' type system that still cools her cooler (somewhat) without having to purchasing ice that you might want to watch.

  • I just subscribed due to your appearance on adventure van mans channel . I follow nomadic fanatic & living free channels as well. Iโ€™m looking forward to catching up with your previous videos. I live in NYC and am going to retire in about three years & am hoping to hit the road like you guys. I also like the boathouse farms smoothies as well as the naked smoothies as well,but be careful because they r perishable!

  • I use a chest cooler but use ice. I make sure everything is sealed and wonโ€™t get soggy or wet. I like cereal for breakfast so I have to have ice to keep my milk cold. Safe travels. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • Hi Karli, new sub, Brian's interview sent me here,very cool channel, that's a great breakfast idea. So you never purchase ice to keep your perishable foods cold? How about a small fridge that runs off solar? I live on a 24 foot sailboat, she's a Dana 24, that was a big challenge for me when living on the hook, not having shore power to run the fridge, so I would have to dingy to the marina to get ice and water, but while there, I would get a shower and use the Wi-Fi, I have a full bathroom on the boat, but have to be very conservative with water, I made some upgrades to the boat to solve a lot of issues, installed 600 watts of solar, 4 AGM batteries, this well run my fridge and all the electronics, I have a Honda generator as a backup, use it to run the microwave, have a wind generator that really helps keep the batteries topped off, installed a watermaker, converts saltwater to fresh, makes about 37 gallons an hour, which is plenty for a sailboat, installed a composting toilet, also installed satellite internet and TV, a little pricey, but for me it's worth it, getting real time weather reports is so important when on a sailboat, plus I can watch all my favorite nomad channels while being in the middle of nowhere, the biggest challenge in the Bahamas for sailboat people is locating food and water, and it's pricey, but we live a low key lifestyle and don't pay no rent, no utility bills, no mortgage on a house you really never own, don't have a car payment, no high price insurance to pay, but I do have the boat and contents insuranced, I guess the trade-off is the higher price for commodities.

  • Hi just wondering if you ever tried the clay pot candle thing for heat? And if you have ever been to northern lower Michigan? Its beautiful with rivers, lakes, hiking, kayaking, sanddunes etc. ?

  • Hi, this is my second visit to your channel and itโ€™s been very informative especially your recipes, breakfast looked sooo delicious that Iโ€™m going to prepare that very same recipe, great videos, take good care and keep up the great work!
    Grazie! )Thanks).

  • I don't think Walmart ever has grocery sales so I would check out whatever stores are in that area to see if they have specials. Might end up being cheaper

  • Sup Karli. Just subbed from AdventureVanMan channel. Truckers like me are nomads also who live in our trucks and want to support the travelling culture!

  • Yummmm great video thanks for sharing and thanks for making me need to cook up some bacon right now lmao ๐Ÿ™‚ can never see, hear, smell bacon without wanting some and I am hungry so going to make me some BLT's right now but will be trying this next time I pick up some cabbage and asparagus.

  • Good-looking breakfast always save your bacon grease like our forefathers did you can use it for cooking in anything and if you'd like to have a change from cabbage try fresh brussel sprouts there like baby cabbage