They Called Security on Us | Full Time RV Life Dog

They Called Security on Us | Full Time RV Life Dog
We got back to the RV to find security chatting with our neighbors and waiting for us. Full Time RV Life VLOGS: Enjoyed this video and want …

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  • That's another thing u will find on road…a few peronoid over exaggerated attitudes of some poeple not have nothing better to do all day but watch what other poeple doing and complain n use wrong judgement…sad truly…I watched so many of ur videos n Leo is practically treated like a human…u guys are awesome with ur dog…my daughter was traveling with her father in truck n left her in truck to go buy groceries walmart…someone called security abandoned child in truck n no a/c on…my daughter looks quite young but actually an adult 17 n she was feeling sick that day n ask her father to turn off a/c because she was feeling chills from fever…imagine having to waist is time coming out of walmart to give that long explanation to security n still did not beleive my husband about the age and ask to see Id of my daughter to confirm her age…not nice right…but lots of weird little annoying things like what happened for u n Leo. ..does surface once in a while

  • Makes more since especially for husky dog keep away from heat…leaving him with a/c more merciful than exposing him to heat…I had a big collie…n she hate the heat too…Leo lucky to have good owners

  • just found your channel and we also have had "concerned " others we rescued a german shepherd she as quiet as can be until someone comes to the door she loves to travel our problem she has a double coat so I'm vacuuming every day! we close our front curtains when we take off for the day so she has learned to get on our bed and push up the shades!

  • I am in a class b. I put up the all the shades and run the air conditioner. I have a large dog and she sleeps in her bed until she hears me coming then it is hiking time. I like to stay in state parks. You have more room between you and your neighbor and at most it has been $20 for full hookups. My only gripe is pet owners who don't pick up after their dogs or cats. I always carry bags just in case then throw it in a trash can.

  • Not about rving, but my niece enjoys her smoke out on the porch after work. Oregon it is ok, by the way. So a neighbor who lives down the side street and not anywhere near us called the sheriff. He told the neighbors my niece was in her legal right as long as she was on our property and not doing anything wrong. And as an addendum, she has serious health issues in pain 24/7 and has a medical card. So, had to say this about other people not minding their own stuff.

  • I've had security called on me loads of times even though it is night and I leave my dog in my car with the windows wide open. I question people often about what's going through their mind. Next, they MIGHT try to stick their hands through the open window and sue me for my dog biting them (as she might bite anyone who enters her personal space). -_- Great "civil" service peeps. Good job on making the situation "better." Worse is that it would be all my fault according to California laws.

  • We have this saying in Nyc : "If you see something, say something"! It mostly in regards to suspicious terror related activities. But John Q Public, sometimes misinterprets that expression, and gives themselves a green light to be nosey! Those neighbors were thinking emotionally, not cerebrally! A simple observation on their part would've avoided all this drama right? πŸ™„

  • I find those situations quite funny πŸ˜„ most time people are looking for ways to add drama to their own boredom… So I try not to disappoint! You should had thank him/her for taking care of your dog 😊

  • Sadly there are are people that leave their dogs in a hot RV / car / tent. Maybe if you left a note under the wiper, stating the the A/C is on and the dog is fine? That should be enough. (I've seen dogs off leash or left tied out or in a tent and the campers have gone to the beach or on a hike? A violation of most campground rules). Not what you did. But obviously, Common Sense, not a job skill everyone has?

  • I'll keep it simple… On all of my properties and vehicles I keep a sign in the window with an email address and phone number. Unless someone is being a jerk they will contact you first before reporting you to the authorities. Also, I will inform the RV park if I plan to keep a pet in the vehicle unattended.

  • You're lucky they didn't smash out a window to 'rescue' Leo. The media has conditioned the public to act without thinking every time they see an animal in an unattended vehicle.

  • thank people who are concerned about your pet. Don't take it negative. I might have done the same thing because i love animals. i would be thankful that some one was looking out for my animal.

  • At least they cared. Car/RV air inside gets hotter and no circulation …. opposed to the dogs outside. And be greatful they care enough about it knowing many animals and children die because people mind their business

  • People are foolish. I am happy you put your pet away. Most rv’ers ruin campgrounds with all the damn pets. People that do not share your love for pets deserve respect also

  • You're lucky the jerks didn't break your windshield to "rescue" your pup. There was an ordnance passed in my city that says a person is not responsible for damages if the break out a car window to help a animal. Unfortunately it is very vague about what constitutes a animal at risk, and some people think ANY animal left in ANY vehicle is at risk. Imagine the frustration of having to pay for damages to your own RV or car and possibly have your dog removed and placed temporarily in a shelter.

  • I’m a year late but wondered. Most campgrounds we visit get our phone #’s when we check in. I assumed the security could have gotten them to call. Of course, it might have been more fun to just hang out and gossip. Just wondering.

  • I'm glad to see you are taking the necessary measures to make sure Leo is safe. One way to prevent this from happening again is by using the PuppComm which comes with decals you can place on your RV where passerbys can text or call the information on the decal and see how your dog is doing in real time as well. If the A/C or power goes out, even if just for a few minutes, temperatures can escalate fast, as you both know. I work at a company called PuppTech and we are creating the PuppComm. The PuppComm is a new portable dog monitoring device that will be available to purchase through our Indiegogo campaign. It has wifi and nationwide cellular (North America) capabilities that will monitor the temperatures and send you alerts on your smartphone as the temperature rises /falls, so you can know that your pups are always safe! Feel free to check it out at and it is available on Indiegogo here:

  • Sorry that this happened to you, its very unpleasant! However, bear in mind that some people come from states where there are a lot of homeless people who abuse their pets.regularly or thoughtless people who leave dogs in cars and go shopping. There is no way of knowing if the dog is in trouble or not. I'm sure it came from a good place out of concern for animals and not malice.

    When I park my Class C in the shade and my little poodle looks out the window, people are very concerned on warm days. I tell them that an RV, esp one with an overhang is a very cool shaded well insulated home on wheels, and not at all like a car. They just don't know. Now I place a sign that says "Dog inside Cool Van" on windshield.

  • Bunch of nosy idiots that just probably wanted and liked starting trouble … p.s. I never trust people who have their dogs off leash unless they are extremely well trained and stay by the owners side no matter what.

  • I live in Columbus, Ohio and the humidity here is known for making it feel hotter than it actually is. I was in Dallas, Texas for a bowling tournament and it was hot, but it was not as bad because it wasn't as humid. It was over 100 degrees the entire time we were there.

  • You could get a camera with temperature monitoring system (a few different brands out there – they do require data so you would have to purchase a plan with a cellular or other support company ). But then you could post a sign stating pet(s)inside, ac on with temperature/video security engaged and include cell phone number. If you don't feel comfortable posting your cellphone number just make sure you give it to the grounds host or a neighbor in case something does happen (such as a nosey neighbor calling police or security)