Things To Do When RVing In Moab, Utah


A grand city located in the Grand County, Moab is located in the east side of Utah. Also the largest city in Utah, there are diverse recreational activities like River-rafting to stargazing and  even mountaineering to do while in Moab!

So, check our handpicked top things to do when RVing in Moab.


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Ralph Burns shares his experience on RVing in Moab

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Stargazing in Arches National Park


With over 50 sites for Camping, Arches National Park is a sought after place for Stargazing parties. Arches National Park is globally renowned for its 2000 sandstone arches!


Hiking at Hurrah Pass

With its beautiful and vast trails, Hurrah Pass is a mountain pass, located at the peak of the trail leading from Moab to Chicken Corners. Overlooking the Colorado River, Hurray Pass is a memorable trail to hike.

Rock Climbing at Indian Creek

Infamous for the sandstone crack climbing, Indian Creek is a favorite for RVers who are skilled or enthused about mountaineering and trekking.

Scenic Fiesta at Canyonland National Park

Located in the Southeast end of Moab, Canyonland NP is a filled with a corroded, yet colorful landscape. You can see the vast town of Moab as well as 4 districts from Canyonland NP.

Clubbed with the endless arches in crimson red, scenery is diverse with mountains and the fresh water rivers of Moab. The best benefit of RVing in Moab is that it has scores of historical destinations too. Moab is also known for its chilly winters even though the summers are scorching hot!

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