Three Common RV Questions – and the Answers!

Rv’ing is a hobby that elicits a lot of questions. Many people have simply never travelled in an RV before, so things that seem obvious to long-time RV owners may be points of confusion for the uninitiated. Since it is such a significant investment to purchase an RV, it is understandable that people want to have their questions answered before signing on the dotted line to take home an RV of their own.

What Questions Do You Have About Owning an RV?
What Questions Do You Have About Owning an RV?

Following are three of the most-common RV questions asked by non-RV owners. Hopefully these answers will help you get one step closer to experiencing the fun and excitement of RV travel for yourself.

Question #1 – Aren’t They Hard to Drive?

This question probably leads the way, and it is easy to understand why. RV’s look huge when headed down the highway, and if you have never been in one, it would be easy to think that they are scary to drive. While it is true that there is a little bit of a learning curve involved, driving an RV is something that should be within the reach of anyone with a regular driver’s license.

Just like with anything else, you need to take your time and be patient when learning to drive an RV. It’s all about making smart decisions. When you first get behind the wheel of a motorhome, merging onto the freeway in the middle of rush hour traffic is not a good choice. Instead, start out by learning to control the vehicle in a big, empty parking lot. If possible, learn from an experienced RV driver who can give you some basic tips in terms of using your mirrors, backing up, etc.

Question #2 – Where Can I Store My New RV?

Sure an RV is fun when you are on a trip, but what about the rest of the year? Isn’t it a pain to find somewhere to keep your rig while it isn’t in use? Many people who are new to the RV world don’t realize how many viable (and affordable) options there are for RV storage. The first place you should consider is on your own property. Obviously you can use your own property rent free, so storing your RV at home is the best option, if possible. However, many people have homeowner’s rules prohibiting the storage of RV’s, or they simply don’t have the space. When that is the case, call the local storage facilities in your area. Many businesses that offer storage units also have an area dedicated to boat and RV storage. As an added bonus, many of these facilities are secured around the clock so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your rig.

Question #3 – Is It Gross to Drain Your Waste Tanks?

The idea of storing, and then draining, human waste is not something that many people are very excited about. To be sure, draining the waste tanks is not the most glamorous part of owning an RV. However, there is good news – most of the time, draining the tanks is a quick and easy job that doesn’t require getting too close to the ‘mess’. If you are staying at a campground with full hookups, you can drain the black and gray water tanks right at your campsite. Most RV owners won’t list draining the tanks as their favorite part of a trip, but they will also tell you that it really isn’t that bad.


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