Tip of the Week: How to Seal Your RV Roof

Tip of the Week: How to Seal Your RV Roof
How to Seal Your RV Roof: A tutorial on technique and products used to protect your roof. Visit us at www.travelcamp.com!

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  • One glitch in this is that it is very hard to find Acrysol. Even Amazon doesn't carry it, and I don't find it at the marine and RV accessory stores. Could you suggest some alternatives for prepping the areas for Dicor?

  • We have an older camper. The roof is really soft at both front corners. Where do we buy new rubber if we want to fix it ourselves…also, we need to replace the plastic bubble skylights. Suggestions appreciated….thanks.

  • Interesting that most of the RV Crook Dealers want to sell you a rubber roof then $40. buck a gallon "UV Protection" goop to put on it. After you use "Special" soap.
    Folks, Henry's Rubber Snow Cap, from Home Depot, roof coating $22. bucks a gallon every 5 years. DONE !

  • Great tutorial and I really appreciate it. Why didn't you seal the inner edge and only sealed the outer edge of that vent sticking out of the roof?