Tips for RVing with dogs.

Tips for RVing with dogs.
Our two dogs are family and travel with us in the motorhome. Here’s some of our favorite tips and tricks for RVing with your dogs. Learn how we make them feel …

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  • Good tips
    We are full times in a 32 ft. class A, we have 2 dogs both are about 65 to 70# they have taken over the couch. Enjoying your adventures, we are on a trip for the next 3wk :-} (about 3200 mi} we are headed into bear country, What your opinion on bear spray for protection while on the road?

  • I admire people that are able … and willing to travel with their pets. BUT … I have decided for me it is not practicable or convenient. I have watched my sister and brother-in-law with their three golden retrievers and some of the challenges they face when travelling. Just not for me. I'm not sure how many more years I will be able to travel … hopeful a few more (quite a few actually) and it's just not something I want to deal with.

    I do love animals … and had pets most of my childhood and adult life. But, as I tell my daughter every time she raises that issue of me getting a pet … Not now … it's MY TIME.

    Good tips and suggestion however for those travel with their pets.

  • You know we travel with our large dogs and have no problems at all. We seldom bundock because we are sissies so the air is always on. We do not need kennels but we do have beds that fit on the floor next to us. They are inconvenient to step over in the night but with flashlights we manage.

  • It comes to mind what I used to tell K9 folks before I retired, "If those two grow thumbs Ben and Rebecca you are in deep trouble" you guys will no longer be needed to get the chow and drive the MH.

  • Thank you for sharing… I travel with four dogs! You hit all the important items. We switched from a class A to a class C because we have a dog that could not manage the stairs… Bad hips

  • Hi Ben and Becka!
    Just over 1 month ago we started travelling full time in our RV as a means of moving from WASHINGTON to Texas. We are traveling with 2 cats and 3 dogs in a 28 foot class A. We are still working things out as to storage and sleeping arrangements. One of out dogs is a 165lb Great Dane. Out rig has 2 twin beds and let me tell you that there is NO room when a Great Dane climbs into bed with you. I have been watching you channel since the start of you last trip. Too bad things didn't work out for the stop in Belfair, WA. Currently we are visiting our granddaughters in NC.

  • Well, watching your video makes us appreciate our dog (127lb Great Pyrenees) even more. He's nothing like yours. He's never been in a kennel, nor would we subject him to that. He goes with us or has free run of the RV until we return. He's not allowed on the furniture or bed. He's calm and obedient. No need to make him "feel safe and secure." Fearlessly adventurous, he totally enjoys the RV lifestyle.

  • The Joker (pure bread mutt) will be going with us every where we go. Mostly because she is the only "child" still at home, but also because she is a rather large dog and a rather good protector. If nothing else she sill lick the intruder to death while we escape…

  • Liked, commented and subscribed! My husband and I, and our 3 very large dogs are about to head out into the wonderful world of full-time RVing… so all these tips are MOST appreciated! I will be following with great interesting.

  • I'm single with 3 dogs and it's a pain in the butt ! We're in car training mode right now. Loading and unloading. That does include lifting and tying the ones that are out to the rims of the tires..bahaha.. IT'S A CIRCUS !!!!!!! That includes being covered in fur and poo on my arm !
    That's 3 different personalities. 3 different sizes and 1 of them can't keep up with the other 2 due to age..So it's very difficult by myself. I'm trying to work out all the kinks and to get a system down. If all goes well. Then I'm going to convert a small cargo trailer into a camper..BUT FIRST,gotta get this dog thing under control. Safety for them is absolute priority ! One day i'm gun-how about hitting the road. The next day I feel like an idiot even thinking about it..It is stressful !!!!
    Bawling my eyes out at mile marker (?) and pissed by mile marker (?)..I'll be known as the Bi-Polar traveler :-)=

  • Thanks much for the tips! Thought we would share that we bought a marcell pro unit a few months ago and love it! Basically you set it up and it sends you a phone call or text message when your RV gets above a certain temperature you determine. It also alerts you when you loose power if you are running on a generator. They got amazing reviews on Amazon and decided to get their more commercial grade – "PRO" unit as its more accurate and it includes the ability to go online with your phone and check the current conditions whenever you want. website is

  • I have a hybrid camper. Because of the tent beds you can easily hear outside noises. That has become an issue with my little miniature pinscher. I'm thinking about getting a white noise machine to see if it blocks outside noises. I'd love any other suggestions. If Dory hears an owl, or God forbid a trash panda, she shakes for an hour!