Tips on Making a Perfect Campfire

The best part about RVing….is definitely the campfire. Here are some tips for making the perfect campfire.

b0ee9-perfect-campfirePerfect Campfire

In fact, owing to the risks of careless campfires many RV Parks do not permit campfires.

According to Wes Siler, on Campfires-

“The most fundamental outdoor skill is also often one of the most misunderstood”.

Our Tips to make a Perfect Campfire are

  • Elevation of the Ground: Always choose a flat area.
  • Preparing the Ground: Circumference of a 10 ft area from the center of your campfire. Now, clear the 2ft in the center and clear the leaves, twigs, roots and all things flammable on it.
  • Fuel: When choosing firewood and rocks (for shielding your campfire), choose dry ones. Wet ones trigger steam buildup in the fire.
  • Safety: Always keep one or two buckets of water close to the campfire.

Here is a video on how to make a perfect campfire

Click here to watch more videos from Howcast.

Most campsites that allow campfires, also have rules regarding the fuel that campers must bring. The Department of Natural Resources advocates that one must gather wood from not more than 50-mile radius.

What are the ways of building a perfect campfire, according to you?