Tips To Repair And Caulk Your RV Clearance Lights

A vast majority of RVers repair, replace or caulk their RV Clearance Lights when it begins to leak. In fact, repairing the lamps on your own is easy as it requires not more than one sealant. So take a look at these tips to repair and caulk your RV clearance lights like a pro.

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Tips from veterans on IRV2 Forum

  • Putty tape comes in rolls,black and gray the black is stronger however, it will start to put out black streaks coming down from the lights use Gray tape. All Mh repair places and most part stores carry Putty tape.
  • Use quality LED’s such as Grote. They are sealed units and will probably outlast the RV. Seal them with a good caulking such as urethane.
  • Clear silicone caulk might work. A little on the back side of the light before you fasten it, then a bead across the top of the light. I did that on ours but only had to do it to the front lights.

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According to the suggestions based on veteran experience Silicone is the best for repairing and caulking your RV Clearance lights. This also helps to prevent leaks and streaks on the clearance lamps due to natural wear and tear.

The golden tip to remember while choosing a sealant is to pick one that pertains to the material of the mounting plate on your RV so you do not worsen the leaks.


  • This is really helpful to me, there are a lot of repair and maintenance issues that are unique to an RV. It would be helpful if I knew of a really reliable company that I could take mine to when my husband is stumped. Do you have any tips for finding something like this? Thank you for your detailed and applicable instructions!