To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV

As the laws that relate to carrying firearms while traveling are different in places, carrying a firearm aboard your RV can be confusing. If you carry firearms while traveling, it is mandatory to follow the Gun Control act of 1968 to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

So take a look at this expert advice from veterans on whether To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV.

RV Travel on Carrying a Gun In Your RV

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Trey Copeland Shares Smart Ways to Carry Your Gun In The RV

  • The gun should be unloaded and stored in the back of the RV in a locked compartment.
  • It should never be in the glove compartment or center console.
  • If you are federally licensed to carry a concealed weapon, then you may carry your firearm within reach of you.
  • Every campground, whether public or private, is different and laws could vary from campground to campground.

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Tips to consider on whether or not To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV from the crew at Motorhome

1. Whenever possible or practical, check with state, county or city law enforcement agencies in areas you plan to frequent regarding the carrying, storage  and concealment of such items.

2. All guns carried in or near the driver’s compartment of a mobile vehicle (without a CCW permit) should be kept unloaded. Store ammunition in separate areas removed from the weapon.

3. Keep pertinent licenses and/or permits for firearms, Tasers, stun guns and protective sprays, as well as a current list of all of the firearms that you own, handy at all times.

4. Do not voluntarily consent to a search of your person, RV or motor vehicle unless you are fully prepared to answer for whatever is found.

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According to statistics, 40% of RVers carry guns aboard their RVs. The most important thing to remember while traveling with your firearm in the motorhome is to keep it unloaded and locked. Furthermore, you should always check the State Laws regarding firearms before entering any area,when traveling with a concealed weapon.

  • As a former police officer, I strongly recommend having a weapon in your proximity. It is a simple matter to get a permit to carry by attending a 4 hour course in your state that gives you the Utah carry permit which is recognized in nearly 40 states.
    I admit I don’t like to see the “dirty Harry’s” with a hog leg on their hip saying “I dare you to question my 2nd amendment rights” while a small revolver or auto can be hidden on your person without looking like you are ready for a battle.
    There are people who will differ with my opinion and they are welcome to do so, I hope you never need a weapon.

  • Thank you for your help as a peace officer you know what we as R Vers have to be able to protect our selfs it’s sad that we have resort to this situation but we do have the right to not be victims

  • Having it locked and unloaded will not help you if you need it. In these days and times I keep mine loaded and within reach. I will protect my family and property with whatever means it takes. The one thing I know is you need to know when to shoot or not. Don’t show it unless you are ready to use it.

    • Travelers guide to gun laws . Done by a Kentucky lawyer . Good book . I am retired Trooper and comply with LEOSA , Hr 218 . 3 weeks ago a youth in NC at a gas station decided to threaten the old man with a knife . I opened my vest , told him he had the wrong weapon , h
      e decided to leave

  • An unloaded gun is useless and dangerous. If you do not learn how to use it safely do not carry it.

  • Well if you are planning to travel to any province in Canada be warned the you may not carry a hand gun of any kind in Canada!! Loaded, unloaded, locked or unlocked. If you do it’s your holiday starts with jail time at the Canadian border. Different laws apply to long guns!

    El Hanko

    • But simple enough to register a shotgun for bear protection at the border. Wouldn’t camp in the boonies in Canada without one.

      • This is a joke, right?
        Canadians don’t need bear guns, we don’t kill our bears but protect them.
        Don’t bring your concealed weapons to Canada there will be serious consequences, if not declared you will be arrested st the border, you weapon seized and destroyed and at the very least you will receive a hefty fine and a criminal record.

          • It’s Pretty Obvious BUT NO Surprise That Most U.S. “Hand-Gun” Owners “Think” That They Know & Understand ALL Hand Gun Rules & Specs Of Their “Usless” Weapons………But Know Very Little Or None Of The Basic Hunting “Biology, Anatomy, Habitats , Migration , Reproduction Etc.” About The The “Canadian” BIG GAME That They Are Attempting To Harvest (Hell Most Of These Guys That “Hunt”(??)(Trigger Squeezers !!!) Need Us Guides To Take Care Of The “Meat” For Them While They’ve Got Out The “Measuring Tape” & Counting “Points” LOL & Telling “Bullshit” Stories About How They “Out Witted” A “Uneducated Bear Or Moose”(REAL BIG GAME) While They’ve Utilized Every Piece Of “New Technology” Available To Man To Swing The “Odds” In Their Favour In Order To”WIN SUCCESS” (KILL)
            LOL!!!!……Hmmmmm ???….Well Educated College Person That Can’t Outsmart A “Uneducated , Have No Thumbs , Do Not Speak A “Normal” Language, DUMB Animals ……SHAME ON YOU ALL !!!!!
            Now Then “DUSTY”, “JV” & “DENNY” You Are The Perfect Typical U.S. “Sportsman”(LOL NOT ????) That Are “TOTALLY UNEDUCATED” As To ANY Of The “Common Sense” Habits Of Canadian “BIG GAME”….
            How Do I Know ???……Well I’m An Experienced Professional Big Game Guide (45 Years) !!! I’ve Also During That Time Spent Allot Of Time With Our “DNR” Biologists & Enforcement Officers
            Most Canadians Have Spent A Good Majority Of Our Lives In The Bush With Bears & Those Poor Little Deer That You Guys “Slaughter” Every Year , Wolves , Wolverines & Moose ( BTW Moose & NOT Bears Are The Most Dangerous Animals In CANADA) !!!!!
            But Not Very Many Of Us Feel Threatened Enough To Carry A “Concealed Useless Weapon”………..You See We Here In CANADA Are More Educated Than Our Wildlife , So We Do Not Have The Need To “Shoot First Ask Questions Later” Attitude……..Even If Our Animals Start Showing Us Diplomas From “Harvard” We Still Would Not Be Threatened By The Wildlife Because We Have Our “High School Diplomas” & We Have No Need To “Squat To Pee” !!!!!!
            First Of All ……JV & DENNY ……..You Guys Have No Worries About Our Big Old Bears Because We Don’t Want Or Need “Assholes” Like You In Our Country Of (“Plentiful BIG GAME ) Simply Because Of Your “Lack Of Education” (Or Too Much Stupidity ???) .
            ……..You Should Try To Educate Yourself In Being In The Bush. I Think That You’ll Find That Yer Local “Girl Guides” Will Be Happy To Teach You “Pussies” How To “SQUAT To PISS”…When Yer Not Too Busy With “Dirty Dishes” Or “Toilets”) ????….LOL
            Hand Guns Are ONLY For Killing People & Mice”……..How Is It That Your “Well Educated Brain” Feels Threatened By A “Dumb Bear” With No “Hidden Weapons” & Yet You’ll Send Your Unarmed Kid Down To The Local “7 – 11) To Grab You Some “Chew & A Mountain Dew)…..WTF ???
            The Next Post Is From A Cute Little Old Lady (Robbin Yager) IN HER 60’s With “BRAINS & BALLS”…..If You Guys Want Some Common Sense Smarts I Strongly Would Recommend That You Read & Then Listen To Her !!!! If Yer Nice To Her She Will Also Teach You Guys How To “Squat To Pee” Without Baby Wipes !!!!!!
            If You Dislike Any Of Our CANADIAN Gun Laws …….Just Go & Shoot Up A School & See How That Works For Ya

            Good Day Sirs !!!

      • I’m a single woman in my 60’s and I’ve worked and camped in the Canadian wilderness all my life. Without a gun. Bears are more afraid of you than you are them. Keep a clean camp and you will not have any predator snooping around. None of my friends have guns either. We don’t even discuss it. Americans are so afraid, especially of each other. We think its really sad.

    • Long guns are also strongly restricted also. Check those restrictions before crossing into Canada so as not to wind up in jail.

  • To all those that say what use is it unloaded, if you go to the wrong state and have a concealed loaded weapon and something happens, it could cost you more that 10 years in prison and you are now a convicted Felon. Know the laws and how to work with them, don’t be stupid.

  • It is illegal to have any loaded handgun inside any vehicle in New Jersey without a NJ License to Carry
    (See Places off Limits about ammo specifications also.
    Here is what the NRA says about New Jersey.
    New Jersey has highly restrictive firearms laws. The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that anyone traveling within the state is deemed to be aware of these regulations and will be held strictly accountable for violations. (End NRA Statement)

  • This site is proving to be useless by recommending that all firearms be kept unloaded and stored out of reach. Why would you carry one if that is true.

    • IN regards to retired Law Enforcement Officers, If you are Honerably retired and your Department allows you to carry a concealed firearm then you need to check with your DEpartment to see if they will issue you an HR 218 card. IN 2005 President Bush signed into law House Resolution 218 which allows active and Honerably retired Officers to carry concealed firearms in all 50 states and I believe also US territories. Prior to HR 218 some states prohibited it. BUt HR 218 over ruled those states. UNder HR 218 you will have to qualify with the weapon once a year. SO check with your Department.

  • we like to travel and spend time and money to states that allows my wife and i to carry loaded concealed gun.we don’t spend much time on states that don’t allow us to protect NY,NJ,CA etc.

  • Peaceable transport is allowed across borders if gun is locked up during travel under federal law. local concealed carry laws vary. Any time you feel your life is threatened you can protect yourself. Open carry laws with a loaded gun in plain site vary by state. Businesses want to prohibit guns on premise but have to be careful cause of second amendment. One state hits on open carry and the next it is concealed carry. Concealed carry in a vehicle is where it gets confusing for RVer’s. Open carry is Constitutionally protected by second amendment but there are still five legal categories regarding open carry. To say you can not have a gun or open carry a gun to control gun rights is what all these laws are trying to do by controlling concealed carry. Only five states allow their state via constitution to regulate the manner of carrying but still do not attempt to prohibit gun carry altogether. Liberals who do not support our Constitution continually attack our rights and lie constantly about their data. Power to the government requires removing your protected rights by any means possible. Just a perspective when trying to understand all these laws. How liberal is the state at this point helps to see why it is all so confusing as well as unconstitutional in most instances. We must use our rights to keep them. It is never against the law to defend yourself however so put that priority on top.

    Basic information found here. .

  • As a law abiding citizen and conceal carry permit holder it is my responsibility to have knowledge of of pertinent laws in the state I am visiting. To those areas who may choose to be less than friendly to the 2nd amendment will simply not see the benefits of my tourists dollars.

  • Never carry a weapon you have not fired are qualified with and are comfortable to carry. Guns are a big responsibility and be ready to use them in a safe manner.

  • I have my concealed carry permit from Fla and IL. I carry where ever I go. As far as states that my permits are not good for I say this. I will travel through as fast as the law allows ans not spend any more money that I have to.(tolls, gas etc.)If the need arises then it goes back to this, I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  • It’s obvious from these discussions and others that I’ve read in RV publications and blog sites that the issues pertaining to firearms and carry permits are highly emotional. New Jersey, where I currently reside, is determined that ordinary citizens will not be able to legally use a weapon for self-defense while living/traveling in an RV or any other vehicle. New Jersey does not recognize carry permits from other states. Only retired and active law-enforcement officers can obtain carry permits in New Jersey. When transporting any firearm in New Jersey it must be unloaded with the gun and the ammunition locked in separate containers and INACCESSIBLE to vehicle drivers or passengers. High-capacity clips even empty are forbidden in all circumstances. Having lived in New Jersey for more than 40 years I can confidently assert that carrying a firearm in an RV or any other vehicle, in violation of New Jersey law represents a far greater risk than being without firearm protection. None of the state’s campgrounds are in crime-infested urban areas.

    • Not all crimes are committed in urban areas, I can name you literally 1000s of murders, rapes and robberies that have happen in suburban areas!!

      • For anyone other than a law enforcement officer, carrying a loaded gun that is accessible to the driver and/or passengers of a motor vehicle is a felony offense in New Jersey. There are similar laws in other states. Being caught attempting to enter Canada with a firearm will result in a prison sentence.

        RV travelers can choose to avoid all areas with such restrictive laws, violate the laws and risk being imprisoned if caught or take other sensible defensive measures to protect themselves from crime while traveling. We have chosen the last option, which allows us to travel legally anywhere in North America. That has worked for us during more than 50,000 miles of RV travel throughout most of the USA and Canada.

  • I am licensed in 35 different states to carry a concealed weapon. I choose to avoid those that don’t honor my permit. Guess they don’t like my tourist dollars !!!

  • Surely there are better qualified writers on this subject! Preachy nonsense is not useful information. My favorite “preach-point” in the article: “If you are federally licensed to carry a concealed weapon, then you may carry your firearm within reach of you.”

    Really? To what “federal license” is the writer referring? FFLs aren’t licensed to carry; they are licensed to ship for commercial purposes, not carry on their person for self-defense. If the writer is referring to federal law which permits law enforcement personnel to carry when off-duty, then the writer is attempting to confuse and mislead the other 98% of the population.

  • If you have a gun and have stored it unloaded and separate from the ammo, then you might as well leave it home, it is just extra weight, and will only get you in trouble. You do know that even carrying Hollow point ammo into New Jersey will get you arrested? As was explained earlier by some wise folks, check the laws in each state and in some cases cities. We are the sheep in a lot of the country and the government likes it that way.

  • I have a CCW in my state and can carry in about 35 states. If I have to travel through the states that don’t allow me to have a weapon close, I’ll lock it in the safe…and never stop, even for fuel as we can go over 1000 miles per tank. NY..NJ..Calif and the others, are of no interest to me.

  • Get the app “Legal Heat”. Up to date 50 state concealed and open carry laws, and traveling with a firearm section. Best $.99 I ever spent!

  • I guarantee you a lot more than 40% of RVers carry a weapon in their RV. Probably about half those defenders refused to disclose so that would be more like 80%, and in todays world I would not be surprised if 90% were the real total of defenders.

  • Texas has the “Castle Doctrine”. Basically your vehicle is an extension of your home, RVs also, and you are afforded the same rights as in your home, even without a CHL. (If you are legally able to own a gun). The gun has to be completely covered or concealed, doesn’t matter in what proximity of the driver, loaded or not. You do not have to be traveling. You can carry like this daily. This law is a defense against prosecution.

  • Not sure I agree with all statements, especially judged by 12 not carried by 6. I served 22 years for my Freedom and own several guns but leave them home when we travel in our MH. I’d rather be carried by 6 then feeding the pockets of Ambulance Chasers, Lawyers. If we are dead no one cares and hopefully those who performed the dastardly deed will be judged. If they just break in to steal all our stuff, no problems, it’s just stuff, we can buy more later. Now if the break into our stick built home, they would never see day light again…the stairs they climb will lead them to the life there after.

  • What are the rules for keeping a handgun in your travel trailer? I’ve only seen discussion regarding carrying in a motor home but I bet there are plenty of folks who keep a weapon in their travel trailer that is being towed, not driven.