Top 10 – Central California Ocean Front RV Campsites

Top 10 – Central California Ocean Front RV Campsites
Enjoy this video produced by, showcasing the Top 10 Ocean Front RV Campsites on California’s Central Coast. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL …

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  1. I don't know how you got it, but you are welcome to the use of photo I took at the Morro Bay dog park. It is an outstanding dog park. It is a great example of who visits these campgrounds. The black dog is owned by people visiting from Lima, Ohio and the cream dog in the background is owned by people from Southern California. We have been to most of the campgrounds you speak of. The California central coast is such a great place to camp.

  2. camping use to be free or at least very cheap. now it's like going to las vegas. what ever happened to disconnect your electrons and just live in the moment. enjoy the day for what it is … Memories remember…..

  3. I've been to Jalama several times both in a travel trailer and tent. It is an amazing campground.

    I've also been to Carpenteria in our TT. I didn't like it because the spaces were very narrow and just too many people crammed in.

    Thanks for the other possibilities.

  4. Great and informative video!! The only feedback I have is that Jalama Beach has very spotty WiFi, (only near ranger station if at all) and Carpinteria is not a "clean beach" as there are tar blobs everywhere and needless to say very messy.


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