Top 10 RV Maintenance Products from Love Your RV!

Top 10 RV Maintenance Products from Love Your RV!
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  • Thank you so much for your videos, its full of tips and tricks that are helping me a lot.  Also very interesting and very well made. I appreciate the tone of your voice.  I bought the Plumber grease witch I did use on my toilet rubber seal that was leaking water and it did solve that problem ( new trailer with pre-dried gasket I guess) , got the Permatex dielectric grease; You mention using Fluid film,, Instead of ?  or where? .I am putting it at the end of my 9V batery in my door sensor alarm (for the cat) that seem to always corrode and wreck that device,,,,  
    If I understand well; when you are hooked up you do not use happy camper tank treatment but instead; cheap laundry detergent and fabric softener ?  How much of each for a how big a tank ? I got the Happy camper treatment and can't wait to try as I dislike the smells too.
    Also I would love the link for that Microfiber cloth, I find some work more than other for interior cleaning and the one you show seem to do just that ! Sorry for asking so much but I find all this very interesting I listened to this video 3 times now :-)).  Thanks so much .  Rust protection is driving me nuts as I parked in Florida by the Ocean !

  • Is your plumber's grease the same thing as "pipe dope" (not the smoking variety) that is used on water pipe threads to help seal connections?

  • Just found your channel as I was researching RV'n as I'm thinking about retiring and would like to start RV'n much like you do to warmer climates in the winter as I live in Alberta. I've probably watched about 20 of your videos and am thoroughly enjoying them! I'm just starting my research and would love to talk to you more about a couple of questions I have about tow vehicles and travel trailers vs fifth wheels, just message me if you have time. Thanks in advance.

  • Simple Green is a bad product for your health. It's labeled non- toxic and biodegradable but it contains a solvent that if absorbed through the skin can damage your red blood cells. The company website instructs the user to dilute the product significantly for even the heaviest task. Do not use the spray bottle cause it can cause higher exposures.

  • We pruchased the Happy Camper, Eternabond tape, and plumbers grease. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. We have been using 303 Gorilla tape, and microfiber for quite a while.

    All these products are AWESOME! We certainly put the Happy Camper to the test this past weekend in the 100 plus temperatures. There was no odor in the RV or when dumping the tanks – AMAZING! Thank you very much for your help.

  • So that's what you look like Ray. Nice to meet you. I like good old Vaseline for a lot of my lubrication. Works great for lubing the slide of the outside stove on the pop up. If can attract dirt though.

  • Also….white tape can be cut length ways as it is expensive..when you need a smaller piece. Under carriage …black 10 M plumbers tape is awesome. This is used to wrap gas pipes when burying..but it works well everywhere on rig.

  • Love your videos! Very helpful! I wanted to know your set up on your sewer hose line…as I think I got a glimpse real quick and looked like you had a DIY sewer hose line leveling?

  • Yes another great video, Thanks Ray one more thing before I had my RV i used to boat for 15 years and the issue I had is to keep my battery connections clean and not corroding and beaning in water that was a challenge , I can't remember where I saw this, but what I did is I took Vaseline and baking soda, 50/50 per and mix the two together making a past and putting on all my electrical connection and wow it stopped all correction , very inexpensive way of solving a problem I like your plumbers grease idea.

  • Ray you're sure living the dream, love your no B.S. informative videos your recommendations always seem to be right on point – I aspire to go full time some day but for now I just take trips when I can but I enjoy the repairs and maintenance of my 1997 Winnebago adventurer always something to do it seems and I have gotten more than one idea from you – enjoy the Summer here in the Northwest and I look forward to your upcoming video's – cheers!

  • Great idea of the use of the Gorilla Tape…I accidentally ripped a few metal panels off the bottom of my 4-season trailer while maneuvering around in a rough ATV riding area here in Colorado.  The panels were no longer in production, so I had to fabricate said items out of sheet metal.  Though the repair went better than expected, it did leave some gaps where they meet the edges and end caps.  I have been trying to figure out how to seal these things up without making it a permanent solution and your "tape" application looks exactly like that of which I have been seeking.


  • Thank you for the tips. There are other RVers I follow on YouTube but I think your vlogs are more informative and thorough regarding what I need to know. I also like the wide variety of places you go to.

  • Hey Ray, one more good use for the "Protect-all" is on the toilet bowl. After cleaning wipe a coating of the protect-all and it helps things slide right along if you know what I mean. It will last a month or so.

  • Boeshield belongs on this list! It’s paraffin instead of silicon which is thinner and doesn’t collect dust. Got it from a booth at the Tampa RV Show last year and LOVE it. Any metal that needs lubrication or protection, I spray it on.