“Top 5” Favorite Places to RV Camp in the USA

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  • Sean, I was just curious as to whether or not you and Kristi ever considered contacting Guinness Book Of Worlds Records for actually having the worlds longest honeymoon. That sure would make a very cool legacy and life story that not everyone would live to experience like you two have experienced. Just a thought.

  • FYI… Bluewater Key Resort only allows large RVs (over 24 ft) and motorhomes. Apparently small RVs, truck campers, soft-sided campers, and Teardrop trailers of offends the clientele!!! I'm not bitter… LOL!!!

  • Northern New Mexico is beautiful. We loved Taos. The Taos Pueblo and Kit Carson home are well worth a visit. Also the high road from Santa Fe to Taos is a gorgeous drive and has many very old mission churches along the way.

  • I want go to ABQ to see the balloon festival, have you seen any other balloon festivals? Do you like to camp in the winter, not snow but would have to use heat; how long of the month do you say you camp?

  • This couple is without doubt the most informative people that there is when it comes to RVing any where in the USA.
    Watching them not only is informative, recreational but an absolute delight.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler
    Antonio, the 18 w

  • Like your top 5! My wife and I have been to Bar Harbor twice, and consider it one of our favorites. Stayed at Bass Harbor both times. We also consider Key West the other of our top two. Stayed on Stock Island once and Grassy Key the second time.

  • We are going on our first RV cross country TRIP OCTOBER 12-November 12 with a 25’ rental. So excited to see Yellowstone/great Tetons even more so after watching your videos. We have been tent campers for many years and love the idea of having our home with us. Have been to many state and national parks want to see some we have Love your videos.

  • wow!! LOve this video! WE are from Quebec Canada and our favorite place to go to is BAr HArbor because it is the closest to us(7-8 hrs to get there) But we just bought a tent trailer and intend on visiting many other places! My husband wants to go to the Keys ! The places you mentionned in this video are now on our list! Thanks guys! I would love to see other videos like this!

  • I feel vindicated. 😊 The Grand Tetons is my all time favorite place. I’ve tried to explain to people what you get when you go there but that list is so long. Thank you for saying it for me.
    I’d like to add that for art lovers, the National Wildlife Museum is just outside of Jackson and there are myriad photo galleries in town as well.

  • Based on your recs and videos I stayed at Gros Ventre Campground. Just returned after a two week stint; had the best time ever. Thanks for all your shared experiences and wisdom. I will add that the back, dirt roads are great and do not necessarily need a 4X4…great wildlife viewing off the beaten path which is not so beaten compared to the park above.

  • Nice video and suggestions. I’m not a RVer – yet. I like your suggestions. Feel fortunate to have already been to 4 of the places you mentioned, only Bar Harbor remains. Question: When you started, how did you find campgrounds? Is there some master directory?

  • Thanks guys…I am currently looking at getting a 5th wheel and traveling full time with my wife..Your videos are not only helpful but entertaining as well…Thanks for taking the time to do all this….Hopefully be on the road iwthing next couple month but total RV Newb here….I am an outdoors person and spent lots of time camping in tents but we are looking forward to getting on the road soon..Thanks again

  • For this newbie into RVing at age 55, your videos are extremely helpful and informative. I am Hoosier-born but North Carolina raised so hearing the low-South perspective is refreshing. I am keeping detailed notes so we will be ready to go when we buy our first camper. Just bought the F150 so ready to start. Best advice I have heard so far is, enjoy RVing your not at the office, no rush, you are pulling your bedroom so stop, and don't expect to start RVing and have everything at the beginning, make mistakes and make a list of what not to do and what to do, enjoy RVing with your special someone.

  • Love your list, we’ve done 3 of the 5. Haven’t made it to Alaska or Maine but we stayed in Bluewater (Dry Tortugas!) in Coulter bay and at the sky park in Santa Fe. We would like to recommend however something you have not seen, at least we haven’t seen a review. It is the Supersite in Campland by the Bay in San Diego, CA. Definitely not boondocking! But we love it so much we return every year over spring break. Hope we see you on the road.

    John and Nikki.