Top Ten Scenic RV Campsites Visited in 2017

Top Ten Scenic RV Campsites Visited in 2017
See Full Blog Post – In this video, I detail my top ten list of scenic campsites we visited …

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  • Great video! We are headed south into AZ and NM from central CA in a week or so for the rest of winter. Definitely will hit up some of these. Thanks!

  • Nice list, I've been saving in Google Maps a lot of the locations you've been to in the Southwest throughout 2017… so many cool places that I had never been!

  • What a terrific video format using Google Earth and photography. Nice job. Just might convince DW to boondock. A keeper for us as we plan an extended trip later this year.

  • $34 was expensive, Ray? We camped at least 25 times last year in Colorado and only paid that little one time. Average was around $50 less 10%. Can't wait to get out of here.

  • Hey Ray! Another awesome video thanks. QUESTION: I love your locations and want to be able to record them on map now so at some point would be able to visit those sites. Kind of like a pre-destination map. Does Google maps have something like that? Another program? Phone App? Thanks

  • So I’ve just started viewing your videos and really like them. We are going to start boondocking soon and have been learning all I can. How do you find your sites? Do you have a backup plan in case you get to your destination and no spots are available? How long do you normally stay in a remote site? Really cool, thanks.