Trapped In A Snow Storm/Blizzard In Our RV

Trapped In A Snow Storm/Blizzard In Our RV
Join Us On Patreon! We watched the weather channel, we checked WYDOT and CDOT, We couldn’t find any warnings, in fact, …

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  1. Colorado native here….that was snow flurries not a blizzard. A blizzard is when it snows sideways, when you see it you will understand why it’s called a blizzard. You can’t see two feet in front of you and the snow drifts.

  2. first impression i see what you guys had at time for snow them im thinking meanwhile in canada lol. cant even pull a travel trailer let alone 5th wheel in canada dureing winter, unless you have a death wish, secondly being stranded in a 5th wheel wouldnt be that bad its basically a house and has everything you need, as long as you dont run out of propane and fresh water you will be fine

  3. Bud you have to ignore all the Dicks! Unless you have towed a 13,000 lb 5er with with a Dually on summer tires over a pass with black ice you should keep your mouth shut! They closed the interstate for God’s sake and I can guarantee three tours of duty prove his balls are bigger than these guys heads! I live in Alberta and I would not have enjoyed that drive. Love your channel and thanks for your service!

  4. Its not 60% chance its 60% of the area will get snow… its never chance it talks about the area that will get snow/rain… so if your in dallas and it says 10% that means that 10% of dallas will most likely get rain

  5. I actually was in that walmart parking lot this past april. If I remember this was just off 80 there and was a couple fast food places right there. We went all the way across wyoming and to Iowa before it snowed a little on us…

  6. God I hate driving switchbacks. My and a couple buddies took a 6000 mile road trip back in June out west. We're from the south, nothing even close to it down here. The people out there could be indy car drivers. Put the oh shit handle and passenger side brake to good use.

  7. My hubby and I have spent more than a few nights at that Wal-Mart in a semi over the years due to I-80 being closed during the winter. You do what you gotta do! 😞

  8. Never understood the point of these things. Been all over the country in a custom van. Stay in hotels and motels. No pile of money tied up in purchase and maintenance on one of these things.

  9. Good video dude but don't your dog need the nose strips more than you do? However since I tried sharing mine with my pet Bobcat a few years ago he did try to rip my face off…. Now days we just let him snore. You know he puts up with me I put with him until the old lady clobbers both us for snoring too loud that is…

  10. All of these people hating on here about the driving. I guarantee that by just watching the video you do not have any idea about how bad the roads are! You can’t tell about how fast he is driving unless he shows the speedometer! Unless you have been driving in this part of the country you have no idea about how the conditions can get! Being a truck driver and driving thru this area for close to 25 years I know how the conditions can change very quickly and you had better be prepared because there are not a lot of places to stop safely! I would however purchase another couple of batteries before you ruin the other 2!

  11. Oh! Please forgive me. Did not mean to sound so harsh. Have come to realize how I react to severe pain. I turn sub-human. I beg for your forgiveness. I know this sounds like an excuse. . . but it is not. It is the truth. I will do my best to curb my feelings and prune back my tongue. Oh, and thank you all. Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the pants.


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