Traveling in an RV for the First Time

Everyone has to have a first trip if they are going to be an RV traveler. For many people, this first trip comes long before they can even remember, meaning they will feel like they grew up taking trips in an RV. For those people, RV travel is second nature, and there is no adjustment necessary when they choose to take RV vacations as an adult. However, if you are already an adult and you have not yet gone on an RV trip, there are a few things you should know before heading out. Preparing yourself with a little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward making your first trip an enjoyable one.

Are You Getting Ready for Your First RV Trip?
Are You Getting Ready for Your First RV Trip?

With a Friend or On Your Own?

If you know a friend or family member who happens to own an RV, you may be able to go on a trip with them in order to learn how it all works. If you don’t have that kind of connection, however, you may be forced to rent an RV to learn on your own. RV rentals have become more and more popular in recent years, so there are likely at least a couple of businesses near you that offer this service. Of course, that rental doesn’t really come with any helpful advice, so you are going to need to do your homework before you set off in a rented RV.

Don’t Go Far

It isn’t necessary to travel a long distance to have fun on an RV trip. Sure, RV’s are great for long road trips that cover several states, but they are just as much fun on a short getaway a couple hours from home. A shorter trip will be easier to handle for your first time, and it will be more affordable if you decided to rent an RV. There will be plenty of time later to take longer trips if you decide that RV’ing is something you love to do.

Find Full Hook-Ups

One of the great advantages of traveling in an RV over tent camping is the ability to hook-up and have power to your rig. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy that benefit if you take a trip to a campground that doesn’t offer utilities. While it is certainly possible to have fun in an RV without hook-ups, that kind of trip won’t give you a good feel for the RV experience on your first vacation. Pick out a campground that has a full compliment of services so you can really find out if you enjoy the RV lifestyle.

In many ways, the first RV trip you take can make or break your ‘relationship’ with this kind of travel moving forward. If your trip is not enjoyable, you will not be likely to invest further time and money into this endeavor. Plan smart and ask for help when needed to make sure your initial RV experience is a good one.


  1. Ya’all forgot about boondocking. Being of the grid, more in a rustic setting, usually quieter and less expense.

  2. Bought a camper last year, learned the basics from the RV dealer and hit the road with my dog. We were gone around five weeks and learned every day. What I didn’t know, I’d ask other campers. Even had help when a towing implement broke. I have learned so much and when we parked after the 2nd trip, which was 8 weeks long, I was a novice. Tongue in cheek. Anything can happen at any time but the more you do it, the better you become. It does become second nature.