Traveling with a Dog – Q&A – Fulltime RVing – a Drivin’ & Vibin’ Travel Vlog

Traveling with a Dog – Q&A – Fulltime RVing – a Drivin’ & Vibin’ Travel Vlog
In this video we answer a frequently asked question: “How do you travel fulltime with a dog?” We’re Kyle & Olivia, a young couple traveling the country full time in …

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  1. We feel the same way about our little 8-pound wonder. โค๏ธ to River. Hey, I just spent $400 on your link to Amazon. Hope it helps. Doesn't cost me any extra. Safe travels.

  2. Very thoughtful topic and really comprehensive approach to sharing all the scenarios with your beloved pupster. Our former beloved bishon-poodle also had separation anxiety issues like River when we left home (but not destructive or hurt upon our return). Fortunately, our Siberian Husky is fine by himself when we're away. With moderate daytime temperatures, when it's more convenient to bring our dog with us, I will put heavy beach towels pinched on the outside of the vehicle windows so very little light and heat can come inside (and of course have cool water in a bowl, etc.) And it's especially important that "well-meaning lookie-loos" can't see inside. Over the last 20 years when I didn't cover all four windows I've had a few instances of the self-appointed do-gooders try getting ASPCA involved despite the inside temperature always being cool and my pets being comfortable and more contented being in the car with the pack (as though it's their doggie cave).
    On the other hand, whenever Kaliki is with us in the car he wants to pop his head out the moonroof, which gets lots of waves, honks, smiles and far to many photos and videos! Needless to say, he is always the star that steals the show on our RV videos:

  3. Great video you guys. It always makes me smile to see River in the background; she looks like a super sweet pup. I plan to hit the road in 2017 in my 23 foot motorhome with my two lovable pup beasts, one 80 lbs and the other 60 lbs. It will be an adjustment for them as they currently have a very large yard to romp in, but we will be doing tons of walking to keep them well exercised. I wanted to mention to you about dog food – Costco's Kirkland brand, Nature's Domain Grain Free (both kibble and the canned wet food), gets excellent reviews for quality and my dogs do very well on it. The price is very reasonable, about $30.00-35.00 per bag. Anyway, since Costco is just about everywhere, thought I'd mention it. All the best.

  4. No way I would take my dogs, the shepherd 100 plus is very protective and some drinking fool doing something that he thought was funny till well you get it and the retriever well there just to big and eat a lot. anyhow I have 5 adult kids so it is not a problem when we are out in the rv.

  5. I think River knew y'all were talking about her ๐Ÿ™‚
    Question: Sounds like she is crate trained…assuming the temperature is reasonable inside, why not purchase a collapsible crate for when you have to leave her in the camper?

  6. I love how you say River has an attitude with you after picking her up from boarding….we know exactly what you mean. We get tons of attitude from our Wire Fox Terrier just for breathing the same air as he does!

  7. Our pup prefers to be in the truck too. Sometimes we leave it running and check on it often if it is a hot time of day we can't get around. I'm terrified someone is going to bust the windows. If we leave her home she suffers from separation anxiety and it is just heart breaking. Glad we aren't the only ones who do that frequently.

  8. Great video!ย  I think it's really important for people to know what their pet(s) can handle, and you obviously know river's personality quite well. We are hoping our dog Brewer takes well to life on the road.ย  He loves car rides, and so far he loves the RV, but he has never spent more than one night in there!

  9. Are you still looking for a place to board River over the holidays?
    If so, and you are near Tucson, AZ – let me know, I know a great place where I have boarded and trained my 2 rescue pups.

  10. Great video! Just wondered why you said it's hard to explore national parks with a dog…are dogs not allowed there? Sorry if that's a dumb question but I'm not from the states and really wondered about that ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Trooper is a 5 year old Beagle, he dosen't like to be left alone and gives us a good talking to for doing it. So we are going to have to have him with us. or take short walking trips. He does not like kennels.

  12. My wife met River at the last Convergence. Our sweet lab had just passed so we were grateful to be able to meet other people's pup that month. We now have a new pooch, but wanted to do something in remembrance of our sweet Bear. So we've been rolling out a Facebook RV pet group called Tires and Tails for RVing with pets. Perhaps you have seen it already, as it's been going really well. But since I'm sure there's a lot of RVing dog owners (or future RVers) watching this, we'd love to have any of you join our Tires and Tails RVing dog group –

  13. Lately in my city there have been a few incidents where dogs were left in cars and the weather was mild enough and the dog was 100% fine, but someone called police then busted the car window out to "rescue" the dog. There was an ordnance that was under consideration that would allow someone to remove a dog without being charged for damaging the vehicle, I don't know if it passed, but people seem to think it did and that it gave them the right to remove your dog. Now I'm afraid to leave my dog in the car under any circumstances. Imagine the frustration of having to pay for damages to your own car, and possibly have your dog removed and at the shelter until the situation was sorted out. It's not worth the risk.

  14. There is an app it lets you know if your power has gone out! Itโ€™s only for Android but even if you got a cheap android phone from Walmart you only need WiFi to run the app if you donโ€™t have service! It can send the notification to any phone! We love it because we have a dog and worry about him when we leave him behind to go get food. Now we know if we need to get back to our rig ASAP!

  15. Your dog looks like my son's Peaches. I wish I didn't have my chihuahua but I wouldn't leave him home. I'll have some challenges and appreciate all tips. And found a new dog food that he eats over the expensive stuff we were buying. It's 4Health, I get it at my local Tractor Supply but I'm sure the internet has it. It's a decent price and the dog loves it with no stomach issues. Chihuahuas have sensitive tummies.

  16. I have two Siberian Huskies and I will be traveling across country this year from New England to Idaho taking a mid-to-southern route. I think if I had to board my dog I would have them bathed and groomed to occupy their time because they like being groomed.

  17. Thanks for taking such great care of the dog! Thatโ€™s awesome. We need more people like you! This is the first vid of yours I watched. Will definitely subscribe.


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