[VIDEO] Watch Your Weight Distribution

“New Jersey State Police say no one was injured when a camper being pulled by an SUV overturned on the Garden State Parkway.” We are so grateful no one was injured! Watch the video below.

Please share in the comments below: your best tips to avoid fishtailing and how other RVers can recover if this starts to happen.


  1. SLOW DOWN!!! 1st off, pulling a trailer, that long, really shouldn’t be pulled by a 1/2 ton SUV. Get a truck with a wheelbase that will reduce this type of whiplash! But really, SLOW DOWN!!!!

  2. Yes, you need to take it slow,but sometimes that’s not enough. I have pulled pop up trailers n now up to a 5th wheel with many different vehicles. And I have found it’s all about the vehicle. Ford sucks! I don’t care if it’s a SUV or truck. They suck for pulling anything! Chevy does better but the older Suburban don’t do good. Wheel base? But the older Tahoe does better. But since the 2007 came out they changed something because they tow as good as the chevy trucks. And chevy trucks are the beast. And way less breakdowns. I’m a woman with no formal training. Just a farm girl n it’s all about the vehicle. And did you hook it up right n crank down that sway bar? And slow down. Your on vacation!

  3. Speed is a very large factor in towing safety. However, matching a vehicle and towable is the first priority. That and proper loading with a load bearing hitch and anti-sway protection is the only way to reduce incidents like this.
    In this case, the vehicle was not matched to the trailer, I doubt it was loaded correctly or the catistrophic fishtale would probably not have developed. There’s one way out of this situation and it is just as bad as the event. You can try to grab the trailer breaks to snap it out of the fishtale but that can often result in a skid. Neither have a great outcome.

  4. We’ve experienced this but we didn’t lose control. My wife was driving and pulling our 26′ travel trailer with our 1/2 ton pickup. She was in the middle lane when a semi passed on the right causing the trailer to sway from the bow wave. Then, a semi passed on the left compounding the sway. She started to try and counter steer and I told her to hold the wheel straight and let off of the gas pedal. The trailer and truck started slowing down and the swaying stopped. We has a friction sway bar on the hitch but it was useless. I went to a Reese dual cam sway arm system shortly thereafter. We are now waiting for our new camper after 21 yrs with the other one. I have added a blue ox hitch with built in sway control. If you pull big travel trailer, a sway control system is a must.

  5. Can’t say this would not have happened had this trailer had shocks, but after installing them on my 33ft Salem I found far less sway and much better control. I would never drive a car or truck without shocks, so why pull a trailer that does not have them? Also, if you have a rear kitchen like I do, you have to travel with holding tanks nearly full else you want have enough weight to the front of the axles – tongue weight should be 10% of total weight, and never exceed your manufacturing company’s GCVR for both pull vehicle and travel trailer.