Ways To Light Up Your RV Shelves And Cabinets

One of the biggest issues while RVing is searching for ‘stuff’ in your cabinets. Given that lighting up your RV shelves and cabinets is an additional feature, it can be costly as well. The perfect solution is to make a DIY LED connection to brighten the dark cabinets and shelves in your RV.

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Blog RV Share talks about Tips to Choose proper LED Lights for your RV Shelves and Cabinets

  • Step #1: Choose The Correct LED RV Lights For Your Interior
    Examine the base of your bulb. Some original bulbs will single filaments while others will have a pin. Examine your current bulb and use a simple conversion chart to decide which LED light is right for your rig.
  • Step #2: Choose The Right Color For You:
    Believe it or not, light varies in color and this variation can affect your RV interior. In this chart you can see how the light spectrum varies. For simplification let’s divide your choices into three colors. You can choose natural light, cool light or warm light.
  • Step #3: Choose Quality Components:
    All LED bulbs are not created equal so reading product reviews and speaking to LED providers is an important step. While you can buy LED lights on sites like Ebay and Overstock, you may not always know what you are getting. Buyer Beware!

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The crew at Love Your RV shares How to Install Led to Light Up your RV Shelves And Cabinets

  • Locate a nearby source of 12-volt power.
  • Drill out a few holes to run the wiring up from the basement and through the shelving.
  • Soldering the wires and LED lamps in place
  • Watch for was the polarity of the LED lamp. They only work hooked up one way, so it is best to proceed after a handful of trials and errors to light them all up.

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You must remember to choose lights that are for your RV. The golden rule to keep in mind is that cool light offers bright light while warm light gives a blush lighting echoing the traditional interiors of RVs. Follow the above tips and video to install an LED lighting system in all the dim cabinets, shelves and dark spaces in your RV on your own!